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Utopia was a tantalizing erotic mystery spanning 7 days of poetry and pictures. Thousands of people lined up to get in, many finished; but come the seventh day, no one solved it. What went wrong in utopia remains a mystery.

A line up procedure was instigated in which visitors got into the first day for free if they invited 5 or more friends. Little people made up of round heads above nickname bodies were shown standing in line and were very amusing. Thank you for your participation.

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Newsgroup and off-line campaigns ran for 3 months. Campaigns included slogans like, "The Gilligans's Island you always wanted to see" and "Stuff this up your sitcom". Sample. Full nudity on the other posters caught people's attention in the cities.

Each day had different backdrops, there were 77 drawings in total. Shockwave or animated gifs could be used to view utopia. Here is an example of one of the animated gifs. Well worth the 10 Dan Zen stones to play.