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Prediction Train

Passengers tried hand at predicting technology, triumphs, disasters, styles, trends, politics, championships, and first contact! Here's some out takes from the promo.

Each carriage has a different topic and is loaded with predictions. You can see how many people have agreed with, disagreed with, or are unsure about the prediction. You can then decide yourself by selecting the appropriate radio button then selecting "Vote". There is also an "Add" button to add your own prediction.

Passengers can discuss predictions. Ask questions if you need to clarify issues before you vote. You can also leave reasons why you voted a certain way. We would love some social essays on the predictions ;-)

You can view the voting history on a weekly basis. This will allow you to see trends such as a disagree majority early on but more agrees as the date approaches, etc.

Please enjoy Prediction Train as an exciting social tool. Come back often to keep up on the votes and answer any questions a passenger may have left for you.