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Web Ouija

Here's how the promo read:

Get your friends around the computer - four hands on the mouse to play your own Web Ouija game. Or use Web Ouija yourself to bring insight into your life.

As you pause over any location on your screen, the Web Ouija Oracle professes words of wisdom. Fantastic worldly advice for less than 4K!

Place the Home version of Web Ouija on any page of your own creation. A sample page is provided, but you can change the questions or use pictures, etc. You can also give the Oracle a list to choose from. Simply open the provided setup.htm in your browser and follow the instructions.

If you have a site, you can put the Site version of Web Ouija on a page of your favorite links. As the visitor rolls over a link, Web Ouija will recommend a course of action or a comment on the potential experience.

You can prompt the Web Ouija Oracle to choose its words from a list in a text file that you leave in the same directory as the device. You may leave a list of the alphabet and numbers to have the Oracle spell out answers in a traditional sense. Or you can use words or phrases as in the sample.