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Salamander - Master of Disguise

You are after the salamander but he's so slippery he may even be you! To catch him you'll have to beat him at his own game. Go to Bullseye Park in disguise.

Everybody else who plays the game is in the park in their disguise. You receive a clue as to what the Salamander is wearing and if you meet someone with that disguise you have caught the salamander.

Salamander is a Shockwave multiplayer game where you can choose what your alias is and what you tell people in the park. Get a new name, phrase and clue at any time. The game works with many people all at once or a few people over several days. Get Free Shockwave

Original graphics with a full-fading interface revealing a map of the park and color-coded dots telling you where you are going and how many people are at that location. Delightful disguises including beanies, curly mustaches, kites, poodles, and a dozen more.

Features an archived list of who caught who and what they were saying until the Salamander escapes again! A totally addictive yet peaceful game brought to you by Dan Zen. Play Salamander