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Blimp Race

Put a Blimp in the race and then go pick up your friends. The Blimp with the most friends wins. Blimp, Akbar, took the prize with 500 sailors followed closely by Dan Zen's Blimp, Karate. 20 Blimps were in the race and thousands were onboard.

Friends were added through an e-mail system and the names and locations of who picked up who were displayed giving us one of the most complete studies available on the six degrees of separation theory. It was fascinating to see the Blimps travel the world to pick up people in China, India, Africa, the Netherlands, and across the States and Canada.

You could go inside each Blimp and talk to the rest of the passengers. Original drawings by Greg Rennick of a haunting and humorous 1920's landscape were shown to inspire light role-playing. And it worked. Archives and archives of blimp conversation, taunts, fantasies, and on-line parties were played out

The Celebration is probably still happening at the Blimp Ball in the Penthouse of the UN Building where all the Blimps are tethered. The Blimp Race was a creative way to build traffic and create community.