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Slideshow Instructions: Pictures will slide horizontally and vertically as you move your mouse in the direction you want to go. Click on the picture to zoom to a spot then click-drag to pan or click again to zoom again. Double click to exit zoom. POP pops up a window and FIT makes the picture fit. When all pictures are loaded, a triangle appears at bottom right. Click the triangle to show a menu. Drag the pictures in the menu to scroll them - click to choose a picture. You can also use arrows to jump to previous and next pictures and spacebar to pause. You can see your own pictures in ZPPZ within 5 minutes by clicking Download Tool above. Send us a link and we might post them!

Sheridan Visual Design Institute

Gesture Tek - IMM Trip

Ride Theory May 2006 - Dan Zen

FITC - Flash Festival

Madel Ware - Spring Collection

Ride Theory Electric Shoot - Dan Zen

Ride Theory 2005 With DZ Lights

Spooky Shadow Puppet Show

Sheridan Multimedia Open House

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Tour

Interactive Interactive Show


More Zen Picture Pan Zoom Pictures

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