YesUmNo is the game where you can vote on anything from serious political issues to whimsical quandaries. Find out if your friends or family think there are UFO's or if they'd make a good politician.

Download a HOME version of this game. You can put your own questions into YesUmNo then invite people over, or you can add the questions with them as you play. Players really get to know one another and the game will also surprise and teach you about yourself. YesUmNo is never ending, you can play it all your life.

A log is kept of your votes and provides a place to write comments on the issue. YesUmNo is a powerful time capsule. Amaze yourself later at not only what your consensus was but at what your questions were. Imagine seeing your parents' responses to should women be allowed to work outside the home.

The SITE version of the game allows the webmaster to fill YesUmNo with any questions they like. When visitors play the game, their votes are tallied in a file on the server. It provides an elegant and fun way to improve products and find out about your visitors.

The game operates in a fascinating collapsing and expanding manner. YesUmNo actually uses its own logo as the primary interface. You click on the Yes to vote yes, the No to vote no and if you're not sure, select the Um.

The = button tallies the votes and displays the results beneath the appropriate part of the YesUmNo logo. The - button allows you to re-vote on the question. In the HOME version, you can add your own questions by typing them into the question area. The arrows take you to previous and next questions. The round button allows you to record comments about the vote in the log. Please record your comments, the log is like a group diary and makes for stronger friendships.