Word Warp

Word Warp is great fun when alone or with family and friends. The HOME version has 20 lists of words or phrases to be anagrammed - from Animals to Zodiac. Sometimes, the anagrams you make will stick with you for the rest of your life. Imagine finding out that an anagram for "The Bathroom" is "The Hot Rambo" - well you get the idea.

The SITE version allows you to supply a text file with a title at the top followed by a list of words or phrases to anagram. You may be a video store with a list of this month's releases or a car company with a list of models or a school classroom with a list of student's names, etc.

As an extra, you can type in a word or phrase at any time into Word Warp and press ENTER. This will give you tablets with your letters ready for you to arrange. You can cut and paste the anagrams you find into a word processor or your e-mail to enter contests.

Anagrams, by the way, are words that have the same letters. It is a great educational toy for children and always fun for adults. If you are on a Mac, it may interest you to know that an anagram for "Macintosh" is "In Stomach". If you are on a PC, an anagram for "Bill H. Gates" is "Eight Balls". Both discovered with Word Warp.