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Dan Zen - The Web Site
Opartica - Op art - Optical Art tool
Save Earth - Sci-Fi Game in 2020
Spy-mail - Secret Message Service
Opartica - Op art - Optical Art tool
Gift - Open Me
What's New - Tickle Me
Hip Cats - Turn On, Jack In, and Hang Out
Password Paradox - Most addictive game on earth
Salamander - Spy Game
Spirogram - Encoded Messages
Prediction Train - 2000 Predictions
Teleporters - Roll-over One!
Word Warp - Anagram Fun
Tower of Babel - Mythical Murmurs
Moustache Mysteries - Interactive Sleuthing
Web Ouija - Mystical Oracle
Gorgolon Underwater Sci-Fi
YesUmNo - The Voting Game
Danisms - Inventions & Ideas
Headline Machine - Elvis was an Alien
Dens - Chat with Atmosphere
Hat - Tallest Hat in the World
Help - Barnacles Give Aid
Invite - Invite Your Friends
Gallery 2010 - New Every Day
Grim Reaper's Age Guesser - Numerology
Telepathy - Telepathic Messages
Reviews - Review Dan Zen
Survey - Partake in a Survey
Contact - Contact Dan Zen
Links - Link to Dan Zen
Utopia - An Erotic Mystery
Shrinkray - Wow, a shrink ray!

Dan Zen mind games for kids of all ages. Lots of original games like Spirogram, Web Ouija, Teleporters, Grim Reaper's Age Guesser, Tower of Babel, Moustache Mysteries and more. Dan Zen, mind games, teen, teens, kids, imagination, creative, gizmos, invention, inventions, creativity, imagine, non violent, non action, games, multi-player, mystery, spy, sci-fi, games, free, children, fun, games, role-playing, games