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Shrink Ray was an e-mail game where if you did not pass certain tests you got shrunk and put in a bottle. As you were shrinking you had time to e-mail your friends and tell them how to avoid the trap in which you were caught. 7,000 friends enjoyed the special effects and posted 3,000 comments in the bottle in less than two months. Here are some closing remarks followed by a few screenshots:


The evil Eg Ry has been halted in his plans to shrink all humans for draining pools and bathtubs! Arman completed the Eg Ry Registry, got invited to Eg Ry's laboratory to receive a certificate, and reversed the shrinkray saving 2325 people from the bottle and 5930 people from being shrunk. Our Hero!

You guys were very social in the bottle with over 3000 comments - the archives are available in the Dens.

We good barnacles and the inventors at Dan Zen had no idea that Eg Ry was using the game to actually shrink people by sending a radioactive homing signal over the Internet to their computer and then aiming a satellite beam of nano-thechnological machines into their body to replace human molecules with smaller barnacle molecules.

After extensive interviews, we have found out that C.J. emailed Kara who emailed Heather who emailed Eva who emailed Arman who saved the small people - not that it's that bad being small. How did you like the game? Leave a review.