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Help Save Earth by inviting friends to join our team of world-class Pilots. If you SIGN UP | SIGN IN then you will be rewarded in the end for every team member you introduce to the Save Earth Project. Here is how the letter will read:

I am Pilot [Your Pilot Name] and we need you to Save Earth!

As you know, On September 1, 2020, Earth was surrounded by a sphere of undetermined substance letting nothing through but light. The newly-established World Government may have a hard time coping. We are here to help.

Professor Y is calling for Pilots to fly his remote control probes in order to map the beautiful yet ominous macro-crystalline structure of the sphere. With this accomplished, we may be able to produce a resonance pattern to crack the sphere and Save Earth! Watch out for static though.

Join the excitement! We'll meet you there in the Pilots Lounge.

Your Pilot Name
Friends' Emails - make them heros!

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