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September 2020, shortly after a global referendum had established a World Government, Earth was rocked with three consecutive ground-to-space disasters involving two satellites and a cruise shuttle. Each appeared to crash at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere. Around the world, test probes were launched and found to crash at an undetected barrier. The crashes were plotted and to everyone's horror, the shape was spherical.

It was quickly established that the technology to put a force field around the planet seemed beyond our means. Panic ensued as we feared that we were imprisoned by some silent alien force. The World Government got more than it bargained for trying to control the people and come together for a solution. They turned to Professor Y for help.

Professor Y sent dataprobes along the inside of the sphere and determined that sunlight and everything else we needed was allowed to pass through the barrier. The barrier did not seem to affect the gravitational pull and when exposed to oxygen showed a beautiful and permanent macro-crystalline structure.

Professor Y has set up this Save Earth project to map the crystalline structure with oxygen-spraying remote controlled probes in hopes of being able to produce a resonance pattern that will excite the natural frequency of the sphere and shatter it to SAVE EARTH! Please join us SIGN UP.

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