You are after the Salamander, a master of disguise. A hot clue takes you to Bull's-eye park. You go there in disguise to beat him at his own game.

Other people on the Web are also after the Salamander and they appear in Bull's-eye park wearing the disguises they have chosen. If your clue matches the person you see in front of you then you have caught the Salamander.

When you catch the Salamander, your name, the alias of the Salamander, and what he said in the park is displayed at Headquarters. Everyone else in the game is informed the Salamander is caught and returns to Headquarters to see that you caught the Salamander. But the Salamander is slippery - he's escaped again - so get back at it.

You walk through the Hedge Maze to the Pagoda. Hmmm, here's a man wearing a Bowler Hat. He has an Eye Patch and a Kite. No, this is not the Salamander. You continue on past the Fountain and into the Pine Forest. There he is, the Salamander, wearing a Beanie, a Curly Moustache, and walking a Poodle.

You can talk to the park people. They will tell you their name and a story. Beware some stories are short, "Hi, I'm John Smallberries, Have you seen the ship?", but others can be very long and drawn out. You can actually carry on a staggered conversation with people.

There are resting spots in the park. When you rest and think, you can decide to change your disguise. At this point, you receive an updated clue from Headquarters. A general strategy is to try and see everybody in the park then if none match your clue, change disguises and get a new clue. At this time, you can think up a new alias and story, and the people in your park get updated.

The scene fades to an overview of the park as you move from the Bridge to the Pond, for instance. Green spots will mark your passage. Note the yellow spots near the locations. These tell you how many people are in the area. You only see one person at each location. You may have to come back to the location to see who else is there.

Once the Salamander has been caught people can rejoin the new game. As you start this process, there may be few people in the park. Just rest and change your disguise and more people will arrive. If you are lonely, you can always start a fresh and you may be surprised to find someone who looked a lot like you and has your old alias and story walking around the park.