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Great site. innovative, imaginative, and every other overly-used supurlative you could come up with.:)

Kate - manager of the electric milk bar

You're better than Gumby!
You're cooler than ice cream! is more fun than a root canal, baby! [hmmm...]
This place is lovlier than the glistening of snot on nose hairs! [hmmmmmm...]

In other words, you all rock!

The 12 winners of the 2002 Canadian New Media Awards have been announced! A selection committee of 126 industry professionals completed the challenging task of selecting the winners and finalists from among the nominations received. And they definitely had their work cut out for them this year - the number of nominations received in 2002 increased 50% over the number of nominations received last year! Dan Zen has won the Programmer of the Year. Awards

Most inventive and unashamedly crazy site on the net. I have spent hours here lost in the bliss of mindless fun and zen possibilities. Thanks for the site, we need more like it - Maura

We compare Dan Zen to a magician whose show consists of turning his audience into magicians

Jana Prikryl
Fashion Hurts

How to describe Dan Zen? Ever play "Hangman" as a kid to pass the time? If Dan Zen had been around, time would have flown. Its chock full of random little "games" like "The Grim Reaper's Age Guesser," "Moustache Mysteries," "YesUmNo," "Web Ouija" and that's just the tip of the Dan Zen iceberg.

they're snowed out, your thee numb burr won sigh tout their. key pit go wing. yore grate!

bob button

... I love this site's innocence and charm. As El Bu, the two-headed barnacle says, "We love you. Dan Zen is for you."

By John Anderson, Exclaim Magazine.

At last a place where I know that mine is not the only really warped mind on earth. Creative, fun, stimulating...heck itīs got it all. You dudes at Dan Zen RULE!!!


The Grim Reaper Age-Guesser
Here's my just-for-fun link of the day: the Grim Reaper Age-Guesser. You answer 15 simple questions (including: How many years has it been since you last hopped?) and based on your answers, the computer calculates your age. It said I was 31, and I've just turned 32, so I was properly amazed. Give it a shot.

Star Tribune Online

From the Fresh-Hell site: "I totally swiped this link from someone, and now I can't remember who. If you recognize it, e-mail me so I can give you proper credit. Anyway, it's the Grim Reaper age guesser and it got mine right! I don't know how it works, but it's cool."
Thanks for producing a web site so entertaining that we could feature it on Network TV and Net Talk Live!

Dan Zen's stylish online mind games: more stimulating than several pokes in the brain with a sharp stick!

Getting Real - Teen Channel

This is a crazy collection of games. If you are looking for a new style of web games wander through, it will wake up your imagination!

From the Shrinkray Bottle:


We here at Project Cool wanted to let you know that you were selected because your site, Dan Zen, makes effective use of the web as a medium and in some ways shows off the web's potential. It is a site others building on the web can look to for inspiration.

Project Cool

I like flan. Dan
and Spam, man
And if I can, man
I'll bang a pan, Dan
In your honour

Yours in custard, Randy and Stu
The alliteration brothers
P.S. We are the somnambulists.
Or not if it rains on Tuesday.

Thinking in interjections, convoluting ideas and concepts and arriving at a piece of work like a sculptor - Dan Zen.

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I always like your games...
Did you know that your little pamphlets were on my ledge at the front of the cafe?
If so, there are no more. All the customers took them!

Cheers, Daniel at Insomnia Cafe is wonderful: Funny, thought-jabbering, instinctively right, easy on the bandwidth. Now I know who I am, thanks to Dan Zen.

Your humble pathfinder - George Jrzen. (

Every week we select another "hot site of the nite" this week it's you. Your - d a n z e n - site is beautifully done, both graphics and content wise.

So, when you're hot you're hot, when you're not you're not and your site is hot!

Leo Hartong 5th World

IAmVeryImpressedByYourSwankyWebSite..... ChristineJustSaid "BUTCHYOUAVENTEVENLOOKTATITYET!!!!!!!so i said "yes i have"'s simply ....groovy....


I'm not egsactly sure what your page is supposed to be but I think I like it

Mike, The monkey at pootmunger Inc.

met you tonite at insomnia very clean opening to your site am bookmarking now to view later thanks for your html tip to centre my table it works yeah there's a neat director x-tra that i am trying to figure out it will let you do a screen grab of the viewers desktop and allow you to use it as a sprite on the fly url is i still can't get it to work but if it intrigues you then actualize your buddhahood

Josh -

One of the best sites I've had pleasure to stumble upon. I always seem to find something new each time. The design is brilliant and I'm still trying to figure out how Dan did some of these things. Guess I'll check out the materialism pages.

Eric Vessels, Master (of self) Web Page

Where else can 500 or more people gather in one place without becoming a mere cyber of themselves?

The Masked Mailer


What a hell of a web site...
Sooooooo what planet did you fall from? I think it's great!!!!


After receiving notice that I had been invited to a blimp race some months ago, I checked out the site. I had some misgivings at first, never having had any experience in cyberfantasy or interactive internet creativity. Within hours, I was hooked. Dan, you've done some incredible things here, and have inspired others to exceed their grasp. Thanks, brother. I'm looking forward to whatever the future brings in your community.

kevin, psycho postal worker - Palo Alto

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