Dan Zen is a site of original games specifically created for the Web. We have successfully run several Web games that use e-mail invitations to advance play. This demonstration site will show you how effective the games have been and will give you the opportunity for sponsorship.

Select Social Games above for a summary and screen-captures of the games. The premises are such that friends e-mail friends to advance as a collective or a team, etc.

The feature available for sponsorship is called Blimp Race. Starting May 1st, racers enter a blimp and pick up their friends by e-mail. The blimp with the most people at the end of May wins. Select Blimp Race above to be taken through the game prototype and view the sponsorship positions.

A Sponsor form with everything needed to complete the sponsorship including terms and specifications is behind the sponsor link. There is also a sample of the Reports that will be available at this very location through the month of May.

Please explore the site thoroughly. You will find everything you need to make your decision and complete the sponsorship in an efficient, no-fuss manner although you are certainly welcome to contact us to discuss your sponsorship.

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