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Blimp Race II 
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Results are listed in the order that people were picked up. Pick up your friends, pick up the media, pick up your co-workers, get a new e-mail and pick up yourself - what's a race without some sneaky cheating!
2847The Monty Puffins Log
BlimperPicked UpFrom
Dan ZenJimPerth, Australia
Dan ZenAndrew WoodSurrey, England
Dan ZenBluewhaleWashington, USA
Dan ZenKristenPanama, Panama
KristenJamesNew York, USA
KristenMuncieSalt Lake City, USA
KristenSteveHong Kong, ???
Andrew WoodRickWaterdown, Canada
Andrew WoodDaveGrimsby, Canada
Andrew WoodCaseyPalo Alto, USA
Andrew WoodBrunoMerzbach, Germany
Andrew WoodCharlene MacCollPalo Alto, USA
Andrew WoodRachelNashville, USA
Andrew WoodJen and JesBethany, USA
Andrew WoodSheilaHouston, USA
Charlene MacCollsherenemadras, india
Charlene MacCollSaratoronto, canada
Charlene MacCollAlisonWhere the wind blows strange!, USA
Charlene MacCollsethlynchburg, virginia
Charlene MacCollSangeena SharmaMumbai, INDIA
Charlene MacCollDeepali SinghMumbai, INDIA
GwynethANANDITAnewyork, USA
GwynethRichToronto, Canada
TristaStefanHamilton, Canada
TristaDenise DavyHamilton, Canada
TristaJim PolingHamilton, Canada
TristaRoger GillespieHamilton, Canada
Darrius GigerVickyLong Island, USA
Darrius GigerSeanTent in Colorado, USA
Darrius GigerLIBERTYYYYMichigan, USA
Darrius GigerAndrewSalem, US
Darrius GigerJamesSalem, US
Darrius GigerMelissasalem, usa
Darrius GigerJacksonsalem, usa
Darrius GigerMacksalem, usa
Darrius GigerGeoffSalem, US
Darrius Gigerstansalem, usa
AllanDavidNew Orleans, USA
Dan ZenJohnSilverdale, WA, USA
ZaphodMikeChicago, USA
Runaway JimAliceBelfair,WA, USA
Runaway JimNikkiPoulsbo, WA, USA
Runaway JimJackWadsworth, IL, USA
Andrew M.MickieSingapore, Singapore
Andrew M.PatBremerton, WA, USA
Sandy JohnstoneStephanieBuffalo,NY, usa
Sandy JohnstoneColleenChicago, USA
Andrew M.theAdmiralGrateful City, USA
Andrew M.ChrisShakedown Street, USA
AlejandroBrunoToronto, Canada
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