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Blimp Race
Click here to display the prototype Blimp Race site in a new window. You will see a sponsor banner position up top and sponsor "clouds" down the left just like on this page.

Sponsor banners will be rotated equally. The order of the sponsor clouds changes each pageload for equal exposure. Sponsors pay one dollar per unique visitor click-through. See the Sponsor section for more details.

You will notice that the site is titled Blimp Race II. Dan Zen ran the first race over the Christmas '97 season. It was a great success with thousands of people partying in the Blimps for New Years.

The Blimp Race has four main sections: Enter, Friends, Inside, and Results. Visitors to Dan Zen can Enter any one of twenty Blimps. The Blimps have names for broad appeal. They then e-mail their Friends through a provided form. The friends e-mail friends and everyone can talk Inside the Blimps. Results show the number of people in a Blimp as well as who invited whom.

The top 20 e-mail address extensions of Blimp racers are displayed behind the Address Race sun. You will have a better chance of appearing in these standings by sponsoring the Blimp Race and displaying a link in prominent locations. Include the race in your newsletter too.