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Password Paradox

WOOOOOOOYL!! This is my kind of game! I get to bounce around on this console and type in as many passwords as I can think of. BOOOIINGG BBBOOOOOIING BOING...

Yes, El Woyl, it does look like you are having fun. We, being a two-headed Barnacle, are interested in the story. Who is this Billionaire? What is this Paradox Scheme? You know what a paradox is don't you?

Perhaps I can help. A paradox is something that exists but cannot. My favourite genre of paradox is the something that exists but could not have come into being. In other words, the paradox may seem like a possible situation until you analyze its origin at which point you find a paradox.

I don't know about that but I do know that you have to guess 10 people's passwords to get to level 2 and then start all over again and guess 10 more passwords to get to level 3 and then you have to guess the master password to open a safe. What a drag! Luckily, it's easy to guess passwords when there are thousands of them.

Once, my status went to 0 and my level went back to 1. They told me it was because of a change of management and all accounts were reset. Can you believe the nerve!

It's really grape that you glooped the panel so that you can guess as many passwords and security won't catch you. You must be a technological two scoops! I hope you guess all the passwords - goober luck.

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