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Prove you are a loudmouth and help us out at the same time! If you can truthfully check off these items on the list then you will be eligible to receive a personal thank-you call from Dan Zen. We greatly appreciate your time and all loudmouths will be posted if they so desire. Have fun!
0. Let Shift magazine know that you think Dan Zen should make the shiftlist and tell them why - hey maybe suggest that they should interview us...
Thanks guys, Dan Zen made the list!

1. Vote for Dan Zen in the top 100 Game sites

2. Get us in Yahoo's Picks of the Week by sending a note about one or all of our games - email: suggest-picks@yahoo-inc.com Of course let them know the Dan Zen URL.

3. Start up a loudmouth Hip Cat and message, hang out with, rate and date other Hip Cats at www.hipcats.com

4. Tell us what you think about our site in our most colorful survey.

5. E-mail slashdot and let them know that Dan Zen - mad inventor meets Internet finds peace - has created a site as if it were built in the year 2020 at http://www.danzen.com/saveearth. There are lounges where people can communicate and their emotions are represented by use of a sensory system. You can set filters on the posts to colour certain emotions. It is also a pretty cool sci-fi game which uses perl to keep track of over a million patterns as people endeavor to save earth on the eve of a world-wide government. http://slashdot.org/submit.pl

6. Add your name to a stone in the Dan Zen Garden

7. Describe yourself in the Den of Descriptions

8. Nominate Dan Zen as programmer of the year in the New Media Awards. This is very important to us and we thank you for your nominations. Dan Zen comprises over 30,000 lines of perl script, 10,000 lines of shockwave code, thousands of html pages including complex multi-browser dynamic html. Some code is so complex it consists of 13 nested if statements.
Thanks guys, Dan Zen won the award!

9. Invite your friends to join you at Dan Zen... the more the merrier!
If you want us to post your name and comments in the Loudmouth Gallery then please fill in the boxes below. Your age, gender, phone number and email will be kept confidential. If you do not want to be eligible for a Dan Zen call then just leave the phone number blank.

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