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Salamander   [View Graphics]
A multi-player spy game to catch or to be the master of disguise

Tower of Babel   [View Graphics]
Speak poetic nonsense into the wind and then follow it to the Tower of Babel

Moustache Mysteries   [View Graphics]
Zany plots, animated characters and unusual scenarios

Teleporters   [View Graphics]
Travel the web in style and get a Teleporter for your site

Web Ouija   [View Graphics]
Mind over mouse - the Oracle speaks

Gorgolon   [View Graphics]
A multi-player underwater civilization awaits your 10 Gorgolonian fingers

YesUmNo   [View Graphics]
The voting game: should Carl cut his hair - do old brains turn to mush?

Headline Machine   [View Graphics]
Here is your chance to make your own headlines - Elvis was an alien

Telepathy   [View Graphics]
Receive telepathic thoughts from Dan Zen

Grim Reaper's Age Guesser
[View Graphics]
Do you hop? You had better or the Grim Reaper will get you!

Gallery 2010   [View Graphics]
Daily art displays from the 2010 art gallery

Word Warp   [View Graphics]
What words lie hidden in other words? Find out with Word Warp

Prediction Train   [View Graphics]
Ride into the future! Leave predictions and tell us if they'll come true

Spirogram   [View Graphics]
Send and receive spiral encoded messages

Dens   [View Graphics]
Hidden in the Great Wall of China - chat with atmosphere

Tallest Hat in the World   [View Graphics]
Come see the tallest hat in the world!

Invite   [View Graphics]
Invite your friends to Dan Zen's zany mind games!

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