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Welcome to Dan Zen. We barnacles will help you make it through the games. Dan Zen uses Zen simplicity in many interfaces. There is often no explanation of a button. This simplifies the visual aspects of the games and encourages exploration. For instance to get into the pagoda, click on the Dan Zen door. Dan Zen games have all been created for the web with concepts that embrace this new frontier. But, alas, I am often verbose so I will let the others speak.

You can have a real social time at Dan Zen. There are many games that you can play with friends on the web or at home. I have invited the whole regal Eg family. Each game has an invite link at the top where you can invite your friends specifically to that game. There are two different invitations you can choose from for each game. You will be everybody’s favourite person if you invite them to Dan Zen to meet me!

I like drooping around in the Dens. Tell us which of the communities you like to droop. In the Garden there are all sorts of ways to contact us and splatter the Dan Zen word. Once you realize how much Dan Zen makes you ooze, gloop the line up at the bottom of secondary pages and you will help others ooze as well.

Wow! You’ve found Dan Zen amongst the willions of wired websites. You’re in for some Woyld fun! Just look at all those games. In each pagoda room behind each square is a whole new experience to be explored. Some games require the free Shockwave plugin to be installed. But everyone loves to be shocked and it only takes a few minutes. WWWWOOOOOOOYYLLLLL!!!

Story Telling has always been a favourite with us - we being a two headed barnacle. Dan Zen both presents stories and gives you the chance to make your own with features like Gorgolon, Spy-mail, Dens, Salamander, Prediction Train and Headline Machine. Have fun. Get involved and enjoy your imagination. Share a Den with friends and tell stories to one another. We love you. Dan Zen is for you.

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