Dan Zen is a friendly place to hang out and play games. We will be featuring all games for free starting November 1st, 1998.

While the gamemakers are at work, people are itching to play Dan Zen! If you are itching, send in a picture by the SEND PICTURE link and we may post it with the others. Just attach it to the email. Please invite your friends by selecting the INVITE FRIENDS link.

You can read about the upcoming games by clicking the itching fingers at the bottom. You cannot click through to the game until November but then the whole site will be different. There are 18 games and a random picture pops up for each one.

You will see that Dan Zen games are non-violent and fun for all ages. We have changed our tag-line from "mad inventor meets Internet finds peace" to "mind games". We hope you enjoy Dan Zen. Please bookmark the site and come back often.

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