On the planet of Gorgolon
Fire Ivy climbs upon
The silver spires and the domes

Further signal from Origin 5
A red chrome saucer flies
Through the tunnels beneath the sea


Will the red chrome saucers soon be seen
Origin 5
The Gorgolonians have eyes on their fingers
Oh, the Purple Sea


Gorgolon is an underwater civilization.

The silver spires transfer air from the surface down into the domes. A sea weed called Fire Ivy climbs the spires until it reaches the surface. When it does, it spontaneously combusts spreading flame down to its roots in the sea bed hence the name Fire Ivy. The fire storm lasts two minutes. Growth starts over and reaches the surface again in one day.

Gorgolonians fly red chrome saucers and are directed through underwater tunnels by signals from Origin 5. During the underwater fire storm, signals become garbled and if there are other saucers in your vicinity their outward communications to Origin 5 mix with Origin 5's inward communications to you.

When the fire storm ends, the saucer's inputs become confused and the channels go blank. You must decide which channel was Origin 5. If you lock on to the wrong channel, you will lose Origin 5 and your saucer will surely crash in the tunnels beneath the Purple Sea.

Gorgolonians have eyes on their "fingers" and each "finger" is separate and able to fly a saucer. A Lord of Gorgolon has lived through 100 fire storms. The Palm of Gorgolon is the Gorgolonian who has counted the most fire storms. Lords and the Palm get to see the logs of Origin 5. To fly a saucer click below.

Become a Gorgolonian

Required Gorgolonian History Lesson

Origin 5