The Tallest Hat in the World is a wonderful gift! I would want to wear it every day. I would be the toast of our palace but even though our palace has very high ceilings, I do not think I could wear the hat inside.

Unfortunately, you are only allowed to see the hat once - it is magical.

Your donations to the hat go towards upkeeping Dan Zen features and making new ones too! Imagine how many wonderful ideas could be brought to life if everybody helped just a little to fill the World's Tallest hat.

Dan Zen has provided a PPG encrypted site keyed only to their registered VISA merchant accountants. All billing information is kept off-line in the safety of their Canadian Registered Business.

When you get your password, click on "Hat" on the front of Dan Zen or most screens at the top. Keep clicking "see the hat". When you come to a screen asking how much to donate, just click any amount - you will not be billed because your gift has been paid for already. Enter your password on the next screen to see the hat.