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Pilot Zero Moscow
1028Tags 15Wrong 35Flights
79.1Efficiency 51Waste 1196Power
155Merit 2Crashes 60Minutes

Pilot Profile

Pilot Name
Zero Moscow
Finger Tricks
27 tricks including: The Vulcan (Spock) grip, Disjointed finger or thumb, One-handed Finger crossovers, The Severed Finger, Knuckle cracks, Coin tumble, Church, steeple and people, Thumb to finger grip, Middle finger twiddle, Blade of grass whistle, Hollow whistle, Knuckle wrap on desk, Floating hotdog, Wolf Shadow, Pencil twirl, Falling-card pinch, Lone-ranger strum, Flap snap, Rubber pencil, French drop, Water fountain, Two-handed coin flip, Hand farts, Stiff squeeze, Five sequential hand greetings, Tee tee triple-tee ta, Other.
Other Finger
The Side Five
Holographic TV
2 hours
Music Cap
4 hours
8 hours
Awake Thoughts
I don't need them
Sleep Thoughts
I don't need them
Integrity check
Ingenuity check
Pattern Check
171 to 180  
Political Stance
White Light
United Country
US Minor Outlying Islands
Room Description
The top of a tower in the bright light.
Personal Description
I'm unshaven in 50 years and my twirly beard blows in the wind. There is no glass in my tower top - I sit alone, jacked in.

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