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Pilot Amadeus Madice
2274Tags 10Wrong 73Flights
53.7Efficiency 305Waste 3623Power
753Merit 1Crashes 149Minutes

Pilot Profile

Pilot Name
Amadeus Madice
Finger Tricks
7 tricks including: Coin tumble, Middle finger twiddle, Knuckle wrap on desk, Floating hotdog, Pencil twirl, Falling-card pinch, Rubber pencil.
Armor Core
Holographic TV
3 hours
Music Cap
6 hours
10 hours
Awake Thoughts
Gotta win, Gotta kill something
Sleep Thoughts
Work on projects
Integrity check
Ingenuity check
Pattern Check
16 to 20  
Political Stance
United Country
United States
Room Description
Three white walls, one red. One poster of the solar system, one map of the night sky, on map of the moon, on poster of alien spacecraft types. There is a radio on a series of shelves, which is filled with assorted junk and trinkets. There is a dresser under a second series of shelves, with a small television on top of the dresser. Red metal bunkbed (the bottom mattress is now another shelf) with a short bookshelf next to it. There is a door. There is a closet with a door. There is a desk with coffee cups and junk on it, with a lamp, monitor, keyboard, and speakers atop it, with a base-booster underneath. The black-framed PC sits just beside the desk.
Personal Description
Black hair, brown eyes that shine like tiger eyes (the kind of stone) when light shines on them. Is a lefty. Writes music, writes stories, draws. Is, overall, rather insane...

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