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The Salamander has been caught!

The Salamander is so slippery here's how
many times he's been captured - oh no! He's
just escaped again! You better report in.
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Catch the Salamander

Cluug MoinsBowlaramaYoink!
danCoolCatWatch out dog!
cheekeemonkeeSal You don't know me.
MOG THENRichardIn class
Kaaos One Eye JoeI lost me boat!
Apethe salamandershut up
EdDang It You are a nice person. But leave me alone, please!
lotus edwin hydeI beg your pardon. I was seeking the haberdasher's...
Pleasant Weather Clouds kazoo i'm walking my poodle.
sheridansinghumla humla la la la humla - orfissimo
jeanne Mr. Wannamaker I am seeking the Meaning of Goozflopperang.
greggiesgo screw yourselfsrew off
John PaulZorro Mustang rhymes with wang
fedoraperson888Zabeyour intelligence is equal to the smoothness of a walnut shell.
Hal addressbite me
Ricky Quinnyo no english
hubertrudolphgo away
Grand Bazooka of BazookavillePatch You are the salamander
Wes Your Name Go To hell And Have Fun Burning
Mr PotatoHeadCoriPoke me
Henriette De Poodlebob BOO
sillymami'mnotnakedI'm not naked, I'm nude! They are NOT the same thing.
kris Zeta Hes Chinese with a french hat
Brent WallasLucienne LOOK! IT'S THE POPE!
Zebbe hugocasdfasda
fluffAlexFunny, crazy, a dream, can I say anymore?
sir brunoTanya Harding I like coconuts
KyraKyraExcuse me, but your standing on my tail...
Sally socalpunkrocoi!oi!oi!
wtf im leet MalinI am an estranged, jewish, fisherman-with bad eye sight.
Entreri ShadowsnakeShackles Hey. How are you?
Montgomery BurnsElanaI'm looking for my boyfriend, have you seen him?
Eye tiy7
Dan hat egg
Mr. FedashRicccieno hablo ingles
Myasallysally sent me
laurajojozsa zsa was a dancer
SPUNKY cricketWhere am I? What happened?
Aloisyousangeli'm on a mission
Ganon_King_Of_EvilFord PrefectDoesn't really matter what the color of the spaceship is....
SashaYipLuck off!
Maya kipper how much
Razorwolf8salad eat me
hbprincessHimShut up
amyOscarto talk to me!!!
CHERYLNamitzu Mmmm nice weather today, isn't it?
Unger andyandy
lostMarcoI am just visiting
Tiajimmy jimboneslovin it lovin it
FrancoisJohnnyHurt me.
Roschelewillie take me home
matbobhello how are you
dolphin Bond James Bond Leave me alone!
blah blah blahpade winters I am from a foreign country
candy omar omer omarhi
punkyfoxyim going to visit my uncle
John JohnRachelI am looking for my husband
Onfire777bababooey oh, why did you have to tattle on me... whah!
dick EvilmanI can't sleep
Haywood Taralynn i'm not who you think i am. i am a different person
katclayWhat's up
Noc MiniMeI have a spanish moustache did i spell that right?
ULGAVeronicaDo not speak inglish
timhanThat I just arrived here from China and I'm looking for work.
carlosyamashitaI'm just looking for a good catch
Holy MaryAmyWhat do you want?
LUCIFERAlNo one EVER suspects the Spanish Inquisition.
candiYon-Chi GoI from china
ElleonIntrepidI am a rabid armadillo
GUs jaksterlookin for my dog lance
sara George Hi. I am terribly affraid of being hit in the head.
SKIZOi m not telling'cause I'm rude
Reed chip go away freek
Mr big confuciosconfucios always say....
benBobbywhats up?
DeanoJames Bondbvjjhgfgjdnmtmy.
JamieVampyI'm from Transylvania
AISA,mnmnbvbnchgn gc
OdisMy name is SFGDSL.... but you may call me TIM.Sorry, were you talking?
James PynkyHello, What do you know?
Blue Angel yyyy
colbyScott Beatty Hola. Me speak no ingles
stephSlimyDid it hurt?...When u fell down from heaven?
ChagsexyMy you have a tan!
Charitybite meput your hands on my plants and feel around
the great shazamjimejamsI no speaky english.
TrailerRepmoosedon't sleep in the subway
KEnnYfred hi
Waceysusiehello, have you seen someone with a spanish moustache?
Joe davewhat do u want
mattHarryhey babe! wanna go for a drink, then maybe back to my place?
MoraityGrd do you know anything about the salamander?
The AnonymouseHeatherI'm going to Western
dude slippy go here go there go every where
matt steveto get lost
markRazor WireI'll catch you my pretty
Steedrobhi how are you doing
salemdavehi there stranger
areciaThe ShadowI know nothing of which you speak.
Dudesally hey dude
Mama Me Ya EliI'm looking for my son.
slimsamuraicheese what the scandanavian watch am I doing?
Amethyst Roberto I am looking for the salamander
messer Snailget lost
Elanakoii'll talk to you later
shayEthan Sean I'm walking in the park; looking for my friend.
viperKiNkY SpiCe That they suck!
IssirhcTelirHello, how are you?
Wangtallulah oh, darlin...i love the hat...
JOY Psycho I feel sick.
nlick melick me
BraunwynHi! I'm Hi! I'm Hi! I'm.....Wrong Person, I'm not the salamander
joeAshhi I have got to leave ok bye
Pikachuburthello, I'm Burt the boat man.
jamse ralph help
jdogMarie Hey you! How are ya, man?
why, Heather, of coursegekkoThe blue boat doesn't float.
Justin TimeBOB HI
m mari you have love
kick buttasdfgasddfg
HansMegaManXIVHey!What's Up!
Nicky Angel Kiss my halo!
Dr. NonutzBaldyI am lost
Yodi von lidiclidepiss off
Alsonnowormboy the worm clan waits for the right moment to unleash it subversive plan to suprise and over throw the imperialists of the overworld
ALEXScott Go away
nikkiBaby TREHi what do you look like??? What clues have you been given??? I'll tell you if you tell me.
kaysasygo away
The Great Confucious JeraI'm working for a secet servise
Shellyankydoodlehave sex with me, now.
Jaredsammyget lost i don't want to be bothered
Moquoiseimikelet's have sex
Koolsmileydon't know anything
007lsdsnuck off
bob slick where am i hiding
Trixie firecrackerbull godrock says sut ur mouth
ChiMario Bye
AleefL Al Just passing by.
chubacadonnieto leave me alone
joshWerdoGet away from you gulot.
meteormanCat DaddyWhat's up Potato Peeler?
catBlarg Man Nothing
frappyCode 2Be quite and go away
Lawrence SalamanderCatch me if you can!!!!!
Max Undertakersuck it
hnikki1311why ask me...i don't know anything
Bill Clinton jacobCan't you see I'm busy?
Gregory freemanrun and see where you go.
Darkside619 anabelhello
donmaxim lost
hiuSalamander I am the salamander, I eat bugs.
andrewBumholiowhat are you doing today in the park?
jesse hi alex *
alexAlexHi,my name is Alex.What is yours?That`s a nice name.
abcMatilda JaneLife if groovy and so are you. Sunshine and happiness fall like rain.
Joe Barker Do you now anyone named
Dakota SmithjockerI'm an under cover agent for the FBI and i cant speak to anyone i know
Fallout-BoyHustonscroo off or lets scroo
LomanBecky I'm just taking a walk minding my won business watching people. I hope you're having a nice day!
Chelseameleah get away freak
niki' mauriceqwack
hgfhgpaulhave you seen my dog
Zuchini Curtishi
fgh ArtemisI am a tourist
Rude Girljackasshi
Krassi mark hi
the rockbreaget the hell away from me
Laceyjhk ''';pl;
BuffyGeorgeShut yer freakin mouth
iam sangse beanie i am a plucker
mkALLdaystarfighter85 need clues
Minnie Rat fredthe sky is blue
sharkie ktillehora
BOBCaptain Americado you know where a man with a beret,spanish mustash,and a poodle are?
nedThe Great Laureni RAAAAA AAAHHHHHH HHHHHH!!!!!!!!
myself Kriket hello
tendonky bye
DuckGidgetCome help me with this salamander catching
poido SailormoonI am Sailormoon, champion of justice!!!!
niceMaze Man aaaaaGet a life
Kali MikeW hat do you want?
topguncyncee Wazzz up!!!!!
Shilden moosebondbond
ryan smythJaceyI'm on my way home.
Buddy Hollyjohn so whats your name
Chris Mirosovsky andrew leave me alone
PantsReywyndI must find a more sutiable host body.
Parkerbabe hi its not me
AllsopclaXtonMMMMMMMMM....Beefy Salamander!!!!!
claXtoncarriego away
kitty catDanHey!Do you take a bike ride with me?
Moo-goo-gai-painphoebeyes, I know I look like her
Boris CutieThe world is going to end, but ill save it
Diane SabreFoxShould anal retentive have a hyphen?
biggie fry lunarit's that time of the month.
Bob Bob Dole Hello how are you? Do youhave a question for me?
georgePolinaHi, my name is... What? My name is... Who? My name is... Slim Shady!
Theodora tuino
Monica Lewinsky Dykestupid is as stupid does stupid does go to bridge salamander's stupid whatcha gonna do? stupid?
JazzMansam go away!
brettMonica Lewinskyam I shallow?
Bradford hdhdxxxxxx
UhdofJorgeMy name is Vicente Gonzales and I'm here to tickle your father
KishaStone Cold Steve Austinwant me to punch you in the face?
HiaAuroraNot one single shred of evidince supports the theory that life is serious....
Agent BerdiniAliI'm going to a party
Fred J. FratulantKellyTina got a big ole butt
Allan Sabado tonituti loo
LoveBugjay hi im jay how are you today?
Brutis Steverz the Great Wrong one. =)
The copJack MeoffI got a bum leg from Nam and i like to stroll the park and feed the birds.
jim?WinstonI heard the Salamander got away from himself!
Frog2JumpFrog2Jump Hiiiiiiii! I am Frog2Jump! How are you today?!
Frog2Jumpthe dudeHoly doodles Batman
Bopig Bobo headHi
RoeyJanethat im waiting for a date
Babylego maniachow you doing
Buck BumbleThe salamanderI'm the salamander, you caught me. LEAVE.
Dr. Bavone Neilio Howdy pardner! It weren't me guvnor...
Kaitlyn Lego15I like legos so buy me a few after me catch you
bobhorace oh ****! there it is
wesmooremightygood day
wesmooreMonica I'm working for the Health Inspection agency.
alexJeeLearn your manners! ...
christianSpan DislorvaI'm still eating it!
Buck Bumblesalsombedagerhi crothn'dagr
HanktcFeverI've got red smarties.
sara holiWestweedVut eez going down, brother?
Casian ChickenBlue TunaIs this a code?
hhhhh hhhhhh...DJLearn your manners!
PhillipBlue TunaIs this a code?
NickThe Collector of DreamsMay I have yours?
fredDevious Ask not for what you seek, as it may be under your nose.
CrannJeeLearn your manners! ...
Sylvia SinShameless SigmundThe rumbles are coming and I have no speckles!
SquirrelJanineSays who?
NedTundra TomSafari for the small green thing
SaxySteveMon dieu!
The LeprechaunBucket O'BradyWell y' see me friend, I went to the end of the rainbow and all I found was a bucket. So me asks y' very proper, would y' have a gold coin to put in it? If y' say nay surely y'll have the Leprechaun after y'. I hope y' haven't seen him about.
CliveN.D.R.5Zag bork dep6 cr3
Dan DareMerrickI am not a man, I am a Salamander!

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