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Yodels in: Here
Makes a racket as: Student
Wails: http://pinkyring.com
Squawks: I love Dan Zen

Yodels in: Rochester, NY
Makes a racket as: student
Wails: http://emb808.tripod.com
Squawks: I LOVE DAN ZEN!!! I want to marry him.

Yodels in: superior wi
Makes a racket as: student
Wails: http://www.dtig.de\whatswrong\
Squawks: just dandy

Yodels in: Tacoma, WA
Makes a racket as: Sales
Wails: http://itsoruss.tripod.com/index-2.html
Squawks: I was lying about being a prevaricator.

Yodels in: iowa
Makes a racket as: mom
Wails: http://pogo.com
Squawks: peace on earth

Yodels in: Atlanta, GA
Makes a racket as: Programmer
Wails: http://www.LeadRainEntertainment.com
Squawks: Dan Zen is keen.

Dr. Fuzz!
Yodels in: Tx, USA
Makes a racket as: Student
Wails: http://www.danzen.com
Squawks: spiffmasterfunk

Yodels in: anna
Makes a racket as: none
Wails: http://www.Danzen.com
Squawks: Great site, love it!

Yodels in: Boise
Makes a racket as: Singer
Wails: http://www.sayings.com
Squawks: I love telepathy!

Yodels in: Kingston, Ontario
Makes a racket as: Secretary
Wails: http://www.performanceplants.com
Squawks: I love this site!

alex fulton
Yodels in: canada
Makes a racket as: madwoman
Wails: http://jelly-baby.tripod.com
Squawks: this whole thing is just a danzen advertising ploy, isn't it?!?

Yodels in: Michigan
Makes a racket as: Student
Wails: http://jessicamarie.topcities.com/index.htm
Squawks: This place is pretty neat. I especially like the balloon race every spring.

Yodels in: Toronto
Makes a racket as: Digital Photographer
Wails: http://www.partypix.net
Squawks: I thank Danno is ZANY*

Yodels in: St. Paul, MN
Makes a racket as: computer animator
Wails: http://www.ghostproductions.com
Squawks: Danz got a wonderful way to create a really cool online community. I've met people from all over - people I never would have met.

Yodels in: NY
Makes a racket as: Artist
Wails: http://www.searchshots.com
Squawks: Good stuff

Yodels in: buffalo,ny
Makes a racket as: office manager
Wails: http://www.danzen.com
Squawks: got milk?

The Dutchman
Yodels in: Maryland
Makes a racket as: Ed-ju-mick-cater
Wails: http://www.delyn.org
Squawks: I'm not having a very good day!

Yodels in: Melmak
Makes a racket as: Cat Chef
Wails: http://www.alf.com
Squawks: Do you have any unwanted cats? Just send them to me!

Cosbian Fisbate
Yodels in: Toronto
Makes a racket as: Programmer
Wails: http://larrycarlson.com/
Squawks: A lot of wonderful ideas went into this site, I'm happy to promote it. All the best.

China Wink
Yodels in: Darkside
Makes a racket as: Waitress
Wails: http://www.nuroptics.co.uk/
Squawks: They say I have a loud mouth, or was it a big mouth?

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