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Dan Zen would like to thank the following visitors for helping grow our Garden of games:

Sarah Weaver
Location: TX
Occupation: Melaleuca independent marketing executive
Comments: The URL below is my fave site.
All Sarahs out there, unite! :)
Vibration: pamie.com
Sarah Baum
Location: Washington
Occupation: Student
Comments: It's Saturday am I'm restless.
I need something new in my life.
I admire your site. It's well done and very creative.
I'd like to get into HipCats but
I'm lazy. I don't come see you very often because there's always so much going on, yet I feel the worlds a better place because of you. I really liked you picture. Gosh...what next? I'm so bored today; it's my fault. There are plenty of things I should be doing. Okay gotta go. Thanks for writting. Write me again sometime Dan.


Sarah Harvey
Location: Virginia
Occupation: nothing
Comments: dan zen is strange. but so am i, so that's okay.
Vibration: blackdove.org
Sarah Thompson
Location: Wasilla, Alaska
Occupation: Student
Comments: I think Dan Zen is COOL!!!
Vibration: www.geocities.com/smileygirl_ak/smileys_page.html
Sarah Guetschow
Location: Atlanta
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Sarah Guetschow
Location: Atlanta
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Comments: It is a nice day for Dan Zen!
Sarah Akin
Location: Roy
Occupation: student
Sarah Ressler
Location: Louisiana
Occupation: Office Manager
Sarah Nelson
Location: Canada
Occupation: waitress
Comments: i'm a student and i'm on summer holidays right now. i don't know much about dan zen yet
Vibration: steakandcheese.com
Sarah Molloy
Location: St.Paul
Occupation: Student
Comments: DUDE! this place rocks the fucking casbah!
Vibration: zara.diaryland.com
Location: new york
Occupation: student
Sarah Jones
Location: West Plains Missouri
Occupation: Cook
Comments: I like the site it is really cool I am glad that I found it!
Sarah Koski
Location: portland or
Occupation: consultant/liaison
Sarah Coen
Location: beloit wisconsin
Occupation: student
Comments: hi
Vibration: www.angelfire.com/anime2/sailorskins
Location: India
Occupation: Undergard student
Sarah Weaver
Location: Virgnia Beach
Occupation: Student
Comments: How many Sarah Weavers are there out there??
Vibration: fbox.vt.edu/S/saweaver.goodday.htm
Location: England
Occupation: Student
Vibration: members.aol.com/eleuthera40
Sarah Shaffer
Location: Pittsburgh
Occupation: student
Comments: wonderful...a break from all of the confusion
Vibration: fave site: www.flwyd.org
Location: USA
Occupation: student
Sarah Rader
Location: kansas
Occupation: student
Comments: this is neat
Sarah Wouldn't-you-like-to-know
Location: Earth
Occupation: Being here
Sarah St. Claire
Location: North Carolina
Occupation: Accountant
Sarah Aylward
Location: perth
Vibration: www.danzen.com
Sarah Guinn
Location: Bedford
Occupation: None
Sarah Zelmer
Location: I reside in an unknown stratosphere
Occupation: Daydreamer
Comments: "If I'm still breathing, I'm still hoping."
Vibration: www.livejournal.com/users/sorchazell
Sarah White
Location: hungerford
Occupation: go on the pc
Comments: i fancy tom price and he fancied me but he is goin out wid somone else now which is really tite
Vibration: www.geocities.com/avrilno1fan2003
Location: In a tortured state
Occupation: Feeling Inadaquate
Comments: This is not my life
Sarah Dion
Location: Westfield
Occupation: horses
Comments: i am hopeless
Vibration: pogo.com
Sarah Johansson
Location: sweden
Occupation: secretary
Comments: I love cats.
Sarah Smooth
Location: Canada
Occupation: The Boss
Comments: Let your dreams live through your actions.
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Occupation: Professional Student
Comments: Wacky bi pagan chick
Sarah Keenlyside
Location: Vancouver
Occupation: Writer
Comments: Is this the Dan that I knew when I was a young girl?
Vibration: www.gorillacartoons.com
Location: America
Sarah Hegyi
Location: America
Sarah Briscoe
Location: America
Occupation: Retail
Sarah F
Location: Here and Now
Occupation: Copywriting
Vibration: www.clevercaption.com

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