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Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Student
Comments: good page very intresting and fun
Vibration: www.geocities.com/moucharouchaa
Location: virginia
Occupation: prog. admin.
Comments: Not really sure yet.
Location: U.K.
Occupation: Cust. Serv. Supervisor
Comments: makes you think... doesn't it.
Michelle Goad
Location: Arkansas
Occupation: waitress
Location: Arkansas
Occupation: waitress
Michelle Kinney
Location: Ohio
Occupation: MIS
Comments: Hip!
Michelle Johns
Location: CT
Occupation: Sales
Michelle Albert
Location: Kingston, Ontario
Occupation: Secretary
Comments: I love to visit this site!
Location: amesbury
Occupation: nurse
Comments: he is there within
Michelle Carlson
Location: Elk River, MN
Occupation: Die Setter
Michelle B
Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Occupation: sales
Comments: kind of makes you turn your head to the side and wonder...in a good way!
Michelle Miller
Location: United States
Michelle Rossi
Location: NeW JeRsAY - aint no place like it!!!
Occupation: ima student...will be an astronaut, remember the name fellas
Comments: Bravo Dan Zen. step right up awards awards awards! Very very beautiful site you have here, love the web ouija, pretty cool, but aint nothin like real ouija, lollll terrible huh? love the site! keep up the good work sir den zen... dz..lol...this is a discovery zone, omg ! its a message of some kind like ya know when ya play records back wards!? lol just playin! keep up the grrrrrrrreat work and check out my site! ciao ciao!
Vibration: www.geocities.com/theshellfiles
Michelle Franklin
Location: England
Occupation: Customer services
Comments: cool & Kooky
Michelle Hassell
Location: Alexandria
Occupation: Go to school
Michelle Whiteman
Location: Roswell, GA
Occupation: Dispatcher
Comments: Cute rocks!
Michelle White
Location: san pedro,calif
Occupation: bus. owner
Michelle Quigley
Location: united kingdom
Occupation: hairdresser
Comments: i am a very confused person
Michelle Vaca
Location: tx
Occupation: home nursing
Michelle Albert
Location: R.R.#1 Elginburg
Occupation: Secretary
Comments: This is such a cool site--I love it here
Location: california
Occupation: eternal student
Comments: meet me at the buddha lounge in manhattan... i'll be wearing tranquility and eternal force.
Location: Canada
Occupation: Mom
Vibration: www.myspace.com/kindred_shadows
Michelle Fratilla
Location: Texas
Location: uk
Occupation: waitress
Michelle Sterling
Location: tenn
Occupation: selfemployed
Michelle Darby
Location: Mississauga
Occupation: student
Comments: What a clever and interesting site!

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