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David Sovereign
Location: NM
Occupation: Mailman
David Edwards
David Edwards
Location: fl
Occupation: equiptment op
David Pilz
Location: Chilliwack, BC
Occupation: Professional psychic, speaker, instructor, author, minister, certified healer, promotions
Comments: Professional psychic, speaker, instructor, author, minister, certified healer, promotions. For some of us the battle of good vs evil is in other realms, for most of us the battle is to balance the yin yan within ourselves. The Oracle
Vibration: www.theoracle.cjb.net
Location: Algonquin,IL
Occupation: Motorola
Comments: I am still very leary
David Bertelsen
Location: Denmark
Occupation: nothing
David Lonsdale
Location: Stevenage, England
Occupation: Writer
Comments: Suffering from depression, but this site is good medicine!
David Weathers
Location: Traverse City, MI
Occupation: Artist, Entreprener, Radio
Comments: No matter where you go, there you are.
Vibration: www.maxpages.com/vanguard
David Sanders
Location: Arkansas
Occupation: Systems Analyst
Comments: your site is place to become one with self.
David Woodbridge
Location: Solihull
Occupation: Office Manager
Comments: its cool
Vibration: www.themeetingpoint.com
Location: Atlanta
Occupation: PM
Comments: Peace
Vibration: www.zooba.com
David Ford
Location: Dundas
Occupation: Consultant
Comments: scatterbrains make the world go round
David Ayala
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: self employed
David Rosenthal
Location: Sherman Oaks
David Veto
Location: Wisconsin
Occupation: self employed
David Oh
Location: my
Occupation: god
Comments: you're pretentious
David Wierschen
Location: Romania
Occupation: Student
David Wierschen
Location: Romania
Occupation: Student
Comments: I am a drummer and a person who loves chemistry and I am becoming an amateur psichiatrist
David Porter
Location: Seattle
Occupation: IT Guy
Comments: Hello World !
David BĂ©renguier
Location: France
Occupation: computing
Comments: chance can bring us to great places.
Vibration: www.flickr.com/photos/danzenator

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