hey which yoyo is da best to buy is the quayside cocoa cola one any good??????
I just got a yomega firestorm...it kinda sux. I think it may be improperly balanced...Oh well, at least it glows in the dark (which is pretty cool).
I saw a fantastic YoYo'er at a Busking fest in Dundas - was bouncing those butterfly wings all over the place. That's why they are usefull because you can catch them on the string.
by caroline Bennett
I am not looking for yahoo! I am looking for a site that has a toy named yoyo and find out new tricks for it. And I want it to be a poplare thing in school ok!!!! so good by!!!!@yoyo

how much costs the x-brain in the brazil's money?
how do u do the elevator?

how do u do the elevator?

how do u do the elevator?


bumble nee


i need to buy one

Yo-yo's are really portals to the dimensional interstate, if you sleep it hard enough and put it against the wall, it will roll up the wall, ripping a hole in the space-time continum. Say hi to frogman.
I don't know anything about yoyos, but they seem interesting. Which is the best kind to start off with?
I feel like a YO-YO

1)It's Yomega. Not Yomaga.
2) Yomega sucks
3) You suck
4)Dale Oliver's Spintastics rule the sandbox.
5)I have the Spintastics Tigershark. If you know how to use a butterfly Yo-Yo you won't have trouble if the string gets tsiwty (that's why there are tricks like the flying saucer)
6) Transaxle roller bearings rock! (although anything you can do with bearings you can do with a wooden olympic yo yo it's just a little harder)
7) Yomega has a tendancy to unscrew. after five HARD sleepers I had one fall apart and I lost the bearings. Yomega wanted to charge me for a replacement.
7) Another Yomega that I owned had BAD balance. since I tried Spintastics I wouldn't go back.
8) Aluminum - try it, love it. light weight indestructible and spins like a crazy spinning thing

look into it.


any animorphs people out there???????????
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Can you say "Icy Hot"?
how about hot and cold running wanton!
what about "Freezer Burn"!
It is an artillery weapon that fires hailstones and burning sulfer at miscreants!
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hello, anybody out there
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trust me read that below very valuable information..and from a pro! |

elavator is the best trick and funnest to wind a yoyo back up..and yo maga rules! no if but's , how's , why , where, and when's about it!
and you don't know shit about tricks..and butterfly's suck! yomaga firestorms are for pro's! x-brain yomaga's are for trainers..those are da bomb! $ 14.75 for x-brain may be different in various places and $11.79 for the firestorn yomaga..work like a charm hard to brake and amazing..also coke~a~cola makes wonderful yoyo's that do sleepers amazingly..also firestorms do to..and so do x-brains but only if you loosen up the clutch but not that much that you brake it :)
I own 10 yoyo's and there all different so don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess..don't fool with the cool cause the cool don't fool...so go go go go go...well i guess...ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So there you have some vaulable information about awesome yoyo's..oh yeah 'crazy tornadoe' works like a charm like x-brian but they brake easliy..oh yeah if you x-brain r firestrom comes apart that means that youn un screwed it don't worry there meant to come apart but if you don't use it properly than it wont work. Also some tips for putting string on. FRIST of all make sure it's not kite string..that does NOT work because most people have 'untwistable' yoyo's so you half to get true yoyo string..and that is the stuff that you can twist so you can make a circle that fits around the yoyo then you just twist in back around so it fits...change your string every time you you get a knot in you can't get you...compases..you know the stuff you use in math well they work amazing to get knots out you don't even reck the string while doing it..oh yeah every yoyo can sleep it's just the matter how you flick your wrist..most people move their wrist side ways and they don't know it then it starts to the ufo and then they try to get it to do a sleeper while it's doing a ufo but they should really bring the ufo up and then try it again and pretend you we're going to do that..don't imbaras yourself!


from a yoyo pro

I'm the best yoyo person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
ya suck
Y is the downward motion...

"Why" should I let this object descend, thus unwinding it's tether.

O is the upward returning motion.

"Ooohh" That is why we let them descend, thus unwinding their tethers.

"Yo Yo" is the repetition involved in the use of such devices, simply because it is rarely ever done only once by any one person.

Yo yo's go up and down - that's to different things. Why are they called the same word twice? Why not Yo Yi's?
yo yo's.
yo hi
whataya talkin about

Isn't it a shame that there is so much meaningfull nonsense in all dens but all are seldom used or visited?
It is a series of interogative punctuation included in a reply to a message about this den's topic, Yo-Yos.
what is this?????????????????

I once practiced with a martial arts weapon, dirivitive of the Amazonian hunting weapon. I believe Yo-Yo was originaly a trademark of the toy version, I forget the names of the weapons, and do not spek pygmy anyhow so it seems irrelevent.


the ostrich slurps at the milky white moon!!
That sentence could use some punctuation.
dont even tell me this room is all about yoyo's!!!

No, I'm not hard-core and I'm not born-again so it must be true. I'll ask my friend Donna if she is into Yo-Yoing.
has anyone else noticed that alot of hard-core yo-yo people become born-again christians......connection????
walk the dog
around the world
shoot the gun
rock the cradle

Here's a look at the butterfly. I never really liked them that much. They kind-of went haywire when the string got a bit twisty.

Brand new! This graphite yo-yo is a twist adjustable ball-bearing transaxle. This new material allows for a greater distrubution of mass to the outside edge, increasing spin time and stability for play. The outside ring is made of aluminum, as are the wear points near the inside and outside hub this insures that while the yo-yo is used, it will not wear out easily from abrasion. It comes with a comfort finger loop, anodized aluminum rim rings and a velvet carry pouch. Experience this remarkably new style of yo-yo and its unique play. Warning: This is an advanced yo-yo with lots of little parts to lose.
i tried using the glistening powder as warpaint (much like a pygmys')-slop
Have you ever tried a butterfly wing?


If he were an Amazonian Pygmy the strings would be shorter.
So the earliest Yo-yo trick was "knock the lizard" not "rock the cradle".

I thought the "Yo-yo" which is a brand name like "Nike" was invented by "Duncan" Or maybe they are just a competing company to Yo-yo. Maybe Duncan's president is a Amazonian Pygmy.

Did you know the Yo-yo originally is derived from an ancient Amazonian pygmy tribes' lethal weopon?
Used to knock birds and lizards off branches from
below. Some were found encrusted with jewels and
gilt with the purest gold!-These same particular pygmies worshiped(and perhaps still do) a kind of cyclopean giant god,whose sole eye they represent
with much embellishment on these Yo-Yos. Pete Seeger, in a moment of absolute obscure genius, refers cryptically to this phenomenon in his childrens' song "Abby-Yo-Yo"(about a giant)!
well some designs of the ceremonial yo-yos'
pay homage to his(ahem)other spherical attributes
(the generative ones)!----Theophilus

I hear they have one out that uses ball bearings and sleeps for some long amount of time like 6 minutes.