Why does the name of this website is sissy10?
What is sissy, in english... sorry, Im a non native speaker...
And what is Parent Trap?

Someone cares to write me at rafaeltmelo@hotmail explaining?

That is so true.
What I find quite humerous, is when people act that way thinking that it is the easiest way to avaiod responsibilities for their actions, they do not realize the balance of fortunes... They cannot see that when they say such things thinking it is a joke, then two days later they get a flat tire, lose money or get in trouble for something they did not do. They do not realize that such things are connected by the energy that we carry around with us, whether we like it or not. Those are the people who have bad things happen and cannot figure out where, not quite intelligent enough to see the relation and to busy denying it to open their eyes and see it. I feel sorry for them, they create so much negative energy in their lives and suffer the returns without being bright enough to put 2 and 2 together.

If everybody were smart enough to open their eyes, and at the same time try being nice for a change, the entire world could be a much more pleasant place...

Chaos Zen

That's okay, Kai. It isn't you who offends me, but the many not-nice people on the internet. I think that it's so popular because people can say the all the mean stuff that's in their heads without the inconvinience of others kicking their butts when they get out of line.


previous from kai
Oh my goodness...I'm sorry, I'm certainly not making fun of your memories. Being a big sister is very, VERY important to me too, especially because I'm far away from my little brother, and he's doing all of his growing up now without me there. I talk to him a lot on the phone, but it's not the same, I know. I was just saying that I liked it better when he calls me by name, that's all.
There is a moral to my little tale for parents, as well:
Just because it worked in the Parent Trap, doesn't mean it will in the real world.


I don't have a problem being a "sissy," but the person who said, "frogs are 'SISSYS.' And so are you," obviously does.

What is your freaking problem?

When I wrote my last message in this den, "I happen to like the name 'Sissy.'..." I was feeling terrible for missing my sister's 9th birthday, her violin recital, and that big ice-skating competition, & I KNOW she worked so hard on it. I have seen Sarah (my sister) for about one month altogether this year, (it's November now), and less than 2 months in more two years, so don't screw with my reminiscing.

Being an older sister is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my entire 17 years on this earth. Do you have any idea how great it is to know that you can take all of the mistakes you've made in your life and use it to help make someone else's life better? That is what I have found being a big sister (a sissy, if you will) is all about. She wanted to learn how to ice-skate because I did it as a child. She works so hard on violin (practices 30 minutes a day!) so that some day soon she can play a duet with me (and my trusty, side-kick viola, Sir Waffles). My little princess is the most wonderful, loving, affectionate, compassionate person I know. And I am DAMN proud to know that she is that way, to some extent, because I was there for her when our mother left us, and I gave her all I could.

Now she's gone, with my mother, 2000 miles away, and I speak to her every couple of weeks... if I'm lucky. And when she tells me what she did in school that day, it makes me cry to think that I can't be there with her; I can't sit with her at the kitchen table and listen to her stories over a glass of milk and some warm chocolate chip cookies, making silly faces until she giggles and milk spurts out everywhere. We can't lounge on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons, wearing warm, flannel pajamas and fuzzy bear-claw slippers, eating cheerios, drinking huge glasses of orange juice, like we used to do.

Why did you have to make fun of my most precious memories? Are you trying to prove that you're not a wuss, or what?

I am very content with being what I am, however silly or stupid you may think it is. Don't bother trying to tear me down with your "insults" because you have some sort of problem with me. It won't work.

I love going to this website because of all of the wonderful discussions, all the infinitely kind people I have met. But people who say hurtful, prejudiced, insensitive things make this place not-so-fun. And I would bet that many of the people who say these terrible things would never have the guts to say it to my face. It's as if they think the anonymity of the internet gives them the right to be mean-spirited.

Now I'm going to go look for pokemon cards to send to Sarah for Christmas.


Do you think my friend Brittni is a"SISSY?"
frogs are "SISSYS." And so are you
I happen to like the name "Sissy."
My little sister used to call me that when she was two and I was ten. It was the most wonderful thing because she would say "I wuv oooo, sissy" and to this day, that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard in my entire life. I don't think sissy is necessarily a dimunitive name as whoever you are says. It depends on by who and when it is used.
Not quite...like dimunitive names. I don't object to being called aristocracy, although it seldom happens.
Like Liberty, Debauchery, Animousity, Anonymity, Aristocracy or Malignancy?
My brother used to call me sissy, on account of my being his sister. It really bothered me though, so I asked him to stop. People giving me nicknames ending in the 'y' sound are a pet peeve of mine.
I only knew one Sissy before, she had beautiful long dark red hair, and a solid white horse. She lives in Borden Indiana, where they train race horses.
I know some nice Sissys.
But are they nice Sissys?
what do they look like?

Obviously thos last two people are Sissys.
Hello here people also
hello there people

Here here - I want a different Sissy than Spaceck even though her last name is pretty cool and she's generally considered a good actor.
I want a Sissy too, but not Sissy Spaceck, she's unattractive.
I want my Sissy
Wonder where our Sissy has gone?
come back SISSY!!!
People often come to these dens stating who or what they are, or that which they desire to become.
We will not let a word be a period.
swing it to the left! Bring it to the right! bringit to the front... Alright!
I am brave8... to do my dance pretend to kill a dragon.
Fact is, this place has no purpose, which makes it so great. If there were a topic, I doubt any would stick to it.
It is not the purpose of this place.
y is no one ever here when I'm here?!
It's my guess that Sissy is a girl.
Sissy10---are you little lord Flauntleroy?

Ahhhhh but there IS a dance called "the Sissy"!
One has only to consult the archives of sound for a sacred tome of SOUL shaking dance manouveres--or ask The Action-man!(OR see below!)
But make up a dance anyways sissy10
We will learn it if you intruct!
I know SISSY! Since there's no dance called the Sissy I vote that Sissy10 should make one to go with her Sissy nickname
How about a dance called "The Hissy Fit" you sissy
there is no dance called "the sissy"! now sissy is my nickname so SHUT UP!!
the 10 after my name stands for my age for your big fat infomation!!!
What's the scoop Sissy? What does the 10 mean after your name?
all of u people are mad!!! FR: Sissy10
yah whatever
i dunno this den was like this when i got here-it's not mine!but try a nice chartreuse or lavender!
Wow. Hey Sissy, what are you going to talk about in this Den? Do you have a color that we should look at it with?
it takes 10 sissies to make up a swirl! (by each doing the sissy)
Is this some kind of dance? Do the SWIRL!
Come on, do the sissy baby. Do the sissy all night long YEAH!!!!!