I am 003y and do not know my predecessor
oo3x? Is that realy you?

What have you been up to? (I'll know if you choose to lie)

Hi. I created this den years ago.
say KLOPPPPPDEN if you are a loser.


noonelovesmenoonecares noonetakesmetothefair noonebuysmef lowersorbearcuziamhere
As many as you wish...
That which is "willed" in faith, thustly so manifest!


Yes, it makes sense now... Do I still get the points?


So, is it too clear that the message is so closely related to the more recent call to those we've known?


I am asking, that's who. I think I remember reading in one of the dens that it was important to look for intentional misspellings. Yeah, go me! Do I get brownie points? I'm saving up for my camping patch.


Depends on who is asking and why.
Do I sense the presence of Queen Thalia hovering about?

Very clever, very cryptic, but I get it. Was the previous message from Chaos Zen?
We were kind of hoping that 3 other people who were exchanging messages in the open dens would join us, but they don't seem to have been back in quite some tyme, ora have much to say as of late.
Yes, some of us have.
No names mentioned, but it isn't too difficult to find out how or where, if you frequent the open dens enough.

"Heart, Wisdom, Knowledge, Will"

Some of us have.
I think there are a lot of people who hang out here who should get together and form a secret society or club.
Lies must be burried and hidden, but truth shines free.
Lies obscure the true will and the heart (one and same?), but truth is the translation from within.

Oddity though, how truth is translation from a language without word, much like trying to translate a dictionary of more than 10 million words into a limited language of so few words.
An entire book of detail equals but a single sentance of the language from within, the REAL truth.

Chaos Zen

For every lie there is a truth untold. So from that lie the truth will rise and guide. No lie can hold its secret forever....
Now I am confused, all is a lie!
565....read MACBETH and FAUST a couple of times and call us in the morning,ok?...!!!!!!
Now I feel joy.
and tis not a lie.


For some reason, I do not wish to do that, I have been so overwhelmend by the grace of dark passion, and all of the negativity that had no place in my life before. It seems to suit me well, and offers comfort in a world of denying your own negative emotion, and supressing tears that should be let to flow. To cover the mourning with artificial pleasantries, is to deny the hearts own will, if the need be depressed, then let it be, but let it be true. To spread joy is to spread the lie, when it is not how I feel.


Yes, and your worst fears always come true but on the flipside which avoids the most obvious...your desires untainted by bitterness can guide the same forces to the realization of your "worst" or "best" desires!..Teribly sorry to hear you must have a broken heart or something...hang in there
dont let it destroy you...in your weakened state the mosquitoes of evil may surround you that you're susceptible...burn them with a fire true from within.
Doesn't "love" suk!


But when the abstract and obscure are made to be "real", then shurely they are to be ripped away, leaving one quite lifeless and uninspired.


That which is obscure often stimulates that which is more tangeble.
But even better to be able to share your most obscure thoughts.
Yes, that's cool. It makes me feel good as I read.
I read in ascention, always looking up.
Why descend?
In your job or academics, do you aspire to go downward in your journeys?
Well i read from the top to the bottom to ha!
Well i read from the top to the bottom to ha!
These dens do not work like a chat room, I have no idea exactly where that misconception came from. They are more like the graffitti on a wall, you read what is there and you write your own for people to read later.

Personaly, I come in here about once a day (perhaps more if the activity picked up a bit), and read what is new in each of the dens and see what I can comment on.

My own habbits are to start from the bottom (yoyo) and work my way up. It is quite entertaining, somewhat enlightening and causes one to think. Everybody should try it. I usualy try to stick to the current topic of discussion, but lately there has been little or no activity because many are confused about how they work and I felt it may help to share my own personal observation.

Chaos Zen

Every time I visit the dens nobody's here. Then, when I come back people have been here. It's 7:20 P.M. Does everyone come here in the middle of the night or something?!
Greetings Front, Back and Here.
How are you?
I'm here!

Hi, I'm front.
hi im back
Question: Did all leave here in search of Grant Wood?
Question: If not, where did everybody go?

Grant Wood paint farms?


It was Babe and Grant Wood was a painter.
Is grant wood some semi-mythical hero like Paul Bunyon and his ox, Blue - or was it Babe?
Grant would, but he cant'leaf his farm!
i don't know if grant wood likes trees. do you?
Query~who is subject: Grant Wood?
Does he like Trees?
French toast is better that panny-cakies!
grant wood was like a wannabe farmer.

iowa, the land of grant wood
break - E of BDHW
Sorry, we removed Danny. We are trying to keep the Dens topical rather than personal. Also, with the site being Dan Zen, it may have been confusing. We're open for discussion about it though.

Dan Zen

Anyway...let's talk about Iowa.(give me a brake-I'm really bored) I went there once. It's mostly cornfields but every few miles there's a barn.
WHO KILLED DANNY?! what happened to the den of danny-it was here yesterday(brand new)
I like french toast oh-oh-thrice. What do you have in mind for this Den? It probably wasn't breakfast talk...
i ~love~ pancakes just so u no~ ha ha ha
oo3x---will you be attending robotmonters'3-D house of pancakes?---DO YOU LIKE PANCAKES?
just kiddn.
remember to use the password: cule!
Hello I am oo3x. I will respond only to that name and none other, is that CLEAR??!!!!!! Whew! sorry. just call me oo3x and yur in.