brandi sawyer
won't take long for Oliver...or the world....?

Oliver's of the world, take over.
Because if you don't the world will come to an end.
And it won't take long.
Oliver wants his naugahide chair




Hey Oliver, cj sez hey.

Hay is for horses....

is oliver the brother of Olive the other reindeer?

I am taking over the Den Oliver! All who come here must obey me!! I am the new Oliver.
oliver sat down in his plush velour seat, cracked open his 40 of Colt 45 and chilled steadily to the smooth sounds of Eric B and Rakim...
when will she take oliver clothes off?
Olive, the other reindeer, was mean!!! He used to laugh and call Rudolph names. What a butt monkey!


hahahaha....and olive the other reindeer.
oliver clothes off?
and am repaid of such faith and devotion by her interests in a new arrival. All that she led me to believe we had, she says she had found in another. Fortunately, it was second hand information, which even if accurate, I can still hope that two supposedly so alike, like magnets, will eventualy repel. And in my continued wait, my faith shall compound, with her now knowing of my love for her, the time to pass until the next oportunity shall multiply the time already invested. I am confident that she will return, when she discovers what she truely wants in life. I honestly feel that no other could love her as I do, or would be willing to suffer so to share joys with her.
Not to mention, I've not had more than 2 hours of sleep in any one day, since May 5 of 1999.
Such things seem to come and go, but I would never do such physicaly, I am destined to greatness, and cannot cheat such destinies with any attempt at shortening my path. Seems very evident that I am not destined to die soon, or it should have been done by now, what with sleeping while driving, racing through traffic, crossing streets without ever looking to see if there is any traffic. In a way, it seems as if I suffer from a mild form of imortality, even a total lack of caution has not yet claimed me.
Was that from "Dover"?
I hope you are not serious about that.

a friend

I'm considering more seriously the thought of dissapearing...
Ahh, a nice little place, Germany...
Perhaps I shall go there to dissapeer into obscurity and solice. I hold such a bitter embrace with despair, and life itself becomes a daily flip of a coin as there is nothing left of who I thought I was, of who I had dreamed to hold, of the dream I held so sacred.

Slowly by day I poison myself as mind spirit is poisoned of thought, and my body of the envoroment I create in contempt for my own self, that self is surely to perrish as the new me grows far bitter.
My black aura and the self often ponder a trip to the south coast of England to put to good use the beauty of it's greatest white landmark.

I scatter myself umong the dens, knowing that nobody here cares to hear, or to even grow currious enough to piece me back together either by word or spirit.

The Truely uninspired

I had a freind at my old school, from germant. he liked star trek. We used to play it, and i would be enganeer.
I am not an Oliver at all, but I've seen Oliver Twist a few dozen times!
I`m the one who said "my old cat`s name is Oliver call me OliverB!!!!!!

My old cat`s name is Oliver
It may have originated from the olive being known as a mild aphrodesiac, and the poninto is in reference to a phalic object...
But would not be an appropriate topic for public.


Yes! Olivia-of the new-tongue(Yawn)
is there a symbiotic/parasitic relationship between the nuturing olive and the wily pimento-found within?
-Little Oliver
(from Little Oliver& the Twisters)
yknow, there's a school in Fremont called Olivera.
Olivia - of the newton dawn
Of the female olive of course.
how bout Olivia??
I think it is a french reference to "of the olive"
perhaps a french reference to a greek family name?
I think Oliver is one of the nicest names. It's not biblical is it? Does it have a nationality?
Oliver or vile
"please sir can I have some more?"

O liver
I had a friend Oliver in university. I wish one day I would meet him again.
"I love Popeye...I Love Popeye..."
Oliver the giant Olive
Oliver Hardy.
Great, just what we need, a Den of Oliver. Oliver Twist, Oliver Reed, hmmm...