Radiohead may help but your own voice is the one you should listen to the most so take control, relax, and change yourself if you need to.

eDan (hopefully not giving bad advice in a rather unknown situation. I also may not check here again in a century.)


Can you help I'm looking for a new religion
Radiohead helps
I need a voice
I could cope if I had someone there
Please help
That is beautiful.
That is the passion of living today,
and living tommorow as tommorow is borne!

No worry of what lies beyond that, but to fully live each day as it comes.

Tomorrow is the everyday that remains to lie ahead.

Love to all,
Chaos Zen

"Tommorow is Forever".

I like that.Think over that one.

Must be a "Lover's forever". a "friends Forever" is much longer than that!
Why does it seem that so many have a sense of "forever", so temporary as to be even insuficient for the average warentee of consumer goods?
With all the rest of "Ardor Rites De Amour"? Or are you still having trouble finding the sandalwood oil?

Chaos Zen

OK, no lavender Monday, but I did deliver the "confession" in full on Tuesday, as suggested by my horoscope.


yes, definately Lavender!
I love it, and it works so well.
Perhaps again Monday, when she is off work.
One word,


Cross your fingers and pray to Pan, that this night be like the last...
Or better!
I posted that last message, Friday, it is now 1 hour until Monday. Doesn't anybody else have any thoughts worth mentioning?

Chaos Zen

Did I mention that I took the advice of yet another dream, which included a bottle of Strawberry Hill and a single red rose.


Was correct!,
Both youself, and the horoscopes.
Under the ivy canopy of a wroght iron bed, with sandalwood and pachouli incense and oils, again a visit from gods of pleasure.

I'm beggining to get to know Pan on a more personal level, he can be a grand friend!

Chaos Zen

Your words are well welcomed and headed, on such a night as this, when the clocks can be ignored, the planets are aligned, and we share the same horoscope of lover's peaks.
Tonight shall truly be memmorable, if not, I know not what I do
As Moon and Earth turn, if love is true and deep. The passion of which you speak will grow and fleurish, catching like wildfire. Many more a moment will transcend between such starlit lovers as those...
What majick have I done, that we should both feel such exstacy that humans should be incapable of.
Truely, I thought I had died after being unable to breath and my heart felt as if to explode.
I must have been dead in that instant, and she says the same, for we both felt as if invited to lay among gods, to feel such a thing.
I cannot be human, there is no passion or exstatic instance of pleasure so akin, able to be felt by human kind. in those long seconds of forever, we did not care. No care that our hearts had stopped beating, or that the air was gone, no care that the window was open and it was raining, no care that we could die together at that instant and still be so fullfilled.

Have you ever felt true exstacy?, such that all body function pauses and all nerves are numbed when returning to mortality? My only fear is that nothing will ever mean much anymore as far as physical pleasure, after experiencing such a moment in eternity. All that is left is to grow old and feeling numb, to be able to only feel the human limits of pleasure, if such a moment could not be recreated.

Chaos Zen

Ahh, Heather and I sharing a "lolly-pop".
(and exchanging touch, a few drinks of "Malibu" rum, incense and candles ablaze)

Forget 565, he won't be around much anymore.


I wish to be happy, and perhaps someday it could be so. But if only you could wear my soul's shoes, if only for a brief momment, you would truely know. I would not wish such to any living soul, but it happens every day. I'll take that lolly-pop, but that will still give me nobody to share it with.

On the downward swing

(no-co-incidence my freind!!!the boatman knows.)
by complaining and being so outwardly miserable,others read..."i really do want to be happy,it's just that im so miserable!" so you'd better take that lolli-pop

you need a lollipop! and a good lawnchair in the sun
Hello's are the pretty masks of the bitter reality to follow. We say hello to people we meet who truely care nothing, and from which comes nothing. When all is given and none returned, we grow empty and are left hollow, uncaring, empty...


IO Pan, IO Pan, IO Pan.
Pan, Pan, Pan, IO Pan...
This is a fairly interesting topic.....I doubt I'll add anything to it though *S*
tasting the scents of pleasure is the ultimate good...the ultimate evil is ignoring the existence of good.
There is no good without evil, what is to be compared to determine what is good, if such comparisson does not exist? Besides, some "evils" are quite pleasant. Do the goods of apearance not spring forth the evils of desire?
This is the land of the eternal dawn. Here, only good lives and evil sinks in the mire and comes out somehwere else.
To me, with some women, it is a real turn-on.
I sometimes enjoy my own.
silly goat wanted to market it to effeminate little dweeb govenment computer nerd. hehehehehehe
Have you ever experienced a mement where perspiration was a pleasant scent?
Why not?
Sinful taint in odor is often nothing more than the musks of pleasure
among petals of rose
In the garden

in the garden
the goatboy has entered the garden ,and his taint can be smelled by all within!
Lexi must be wandering in the misty dawn through a beautiful roming garden
is it ALEXIS!-the evil one!
whos lexi?

where's lexi?