The world is sated with food, and happy.
Being a fairly nomral human being, I am in constant need of miracles. I would, however, be ever thankful for just one.
U guys suck
Do u believe in God
Good coincidence = miracle.
Bad coincidence = tragedy.

A Miracle is needed at St.Joseph's Grade School in Toms River,NJ. The Pricipal,Karen Lewis needs to be fired and banished from this earth.Maybe she can get along with God better than she can get along with humans.
A Miracle is needed at St.Joseph's Grade School in Toms River,NJ. The Pricipal,Karen Lewis needs to be fired and banished from this earth.Maybe she can get along with God better than she can get along with humans.

the human mind can now, after millions of years, do things that were considered impossible. this applies to anything in the world around us today
a miricle is the poor mans version of evolution
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What am I soppose to write here exactly?
Such as?
You should try Honest Ed's. They carry many different things at bargain prices.
My new boss is a psycho. I need a miracle.
Miracle is a setting on an improbability meter. In the past, the meter was set high, but this was due to the occurance of something unexplained by the onlookers being more easily achieved (much was unexplained at that time). Rainbows were miracles in the time before we discovered them to be nothing more than refracted light. Walking along shallow water on a not-so-well explored fossil bed, floating in salt water... Even fire, at one time was a miracle.

Then the "miricle" setting was altered a bit as science became more well conversed and less improbably occurance was considered to be of miraclulous nature. Eventualy the lever was broken, and people were set free to deam what they wish to be considered a miracle based on the personal benefit of what transpires and it's unlikliness...

Chaos Zen

Perhaps that your definition and understanding of miracle is flawed because your perception of the universe is limited, due to influence from society's attempt to conform all of us to one set of beliefs.
A miracle is not a random act, rather it is similiar to that of self will, both yours and someone else's.
Those who wish to do good to another send out positive energy waves all around them, the recipent then must be open to accepting those waves.
Miracle in other words is a term coined by those who do not believe in the power of thier own mind.
Earth angel your my miracle.
You know who you are!
< kiss >
It's funny how "Headz" used to call free tickets handed to them at shows as "Miracles" or "Miracle Tickets".The term arises from a GD tune, penned by Bob Weir and JP Barlowe called "I Need a Miracle", usually just abbr. to "Miracle".

A sample line from the tune "I need a woman 'bout twice my weight/(something something something)with all the other freight/find her in a side show/leave her in L.A./Ride her like a surfer/Ridin' on a tidal wave"etc etc

Rather sexist as far as the Dead cannon go's.

worthless, dissapointing lost hopes, impossible expectations, that is the stuff "miricles" are made of, and the full content of wishing for them.
Miricles are temporary.
I'll try, but miricles do not come easy, and may cause ill fortune in the ballance.


That makes sense. Would you please wish me a miricle, I could realy use it now!


One is not "evil", but may be acting under evil intent or consumed by negativity, just as there are no bad children, only children being bad.

Chaos Zen

Same here, but I think I found somebody who specializes in miracles, and he is working on it, even if he thinks he is evil.
I need a miracle.

I was there last night,
in her room,
nearly trapped through morning light,
I believe in Miricles.

Chaos Zen

It is a miracle that I find so much peace and joy in the total bannishment of Love and care. Never have I been stronger from loss as I am now.

Despair and deception, loves ugly little twins
if they come knocking, I'll not let them in..


miricales happen everyday we are just not accustomed to being open and seeing them,
Because it is all a part of life, the one key miracle that leads to all else.
throwing and catching balls or knocking golf balls towards a hole or spinning frisbees on long curves is indeed miraculousish
Because you chose to do so. It improves the flow of natural energies which make you feel more "Alive"!
Why do i have the ability to play sports?


I create miricles
I am man

Disolve limitation
Evolve to completion

ask theophilus!
Do miracles imply that someone controls destiny?
do you believe in miracles?
im better than u
That is a coincidence - I'm always best too.
because you set your own parameters-expectations
why am i always the best?

anonymous coincidences