cool name. where r u guys from?
what do you mean?
I think it's all really simple. No surprises for me.


I think it's entirely subjective, and reality is just an agreement between the majority of the people who make up society. That explains neatly the 'crazy people'. They just happen not to agree.
So, is truth subjective, or is it constant?
Is what we consider to be truth just theories?
Do you think that maybe we CHOOSE to be ignorant of how the universe works because it's more fun to live life and figure it out on our own?
That's nice.
Manuela is my next doors neighbors name.

Hello, have anything outrageous to say, sensless rambling is welcomed!

Damit! Somebody reply to something! Many of these den's last posts, are things I wrote weeks ago!
My ill fortune brings you joy.
Is that not proof enough of what you say?
One man's truth is another man's lie, perhaps opinion to yet others, and fact to a few more.
It is all subject to interpretation, the definitions are incorrect.
There is too a difference between nonsense and truth. Check their definitions.
I don't think so.
True, but if we let lose every stray thought, most would be misinterpreted as nonsense, and just as likely, that which is nonsense may be misinterpreted as truth or divination. Come to think of it, is there realy any difference?
It's too bad that we think so quickly but we only communicate a small amount.
Read and Learn.
huh, where i am...what do you want from me?
I often share thoughts and am open to hearing others. Quite often I learn from sharing with myself.
It's best to share thoughts
We learn through communication.
Shall we speak to ourself to learn of ourselves? Or is it best to just open and listen?
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