Just Laugh at your Life, and everything is so much better.-Lord MacLeod
Jesus lives on my wall. He is holographic 3D-like and hangs with the foxy ladies. He has three hands. He often tells me clever things, like "Jesus says time for bed!" I am so lucky. Jesus loves other people too, but only as friends. I found Jesus at Honest Ed's. They made me pay for him before I left, though.
I found god the other day. The night before it rained really hard, you know...the type of rain that you find dead seagulls in your swimming pool after. I woke up that morning feeling rather pekish so I decided to walk over to the subway across the street from my apartment. As I was crossing the street I noticed a strange figure strewn over a storm drain. I walked over to the drain and to my horror it was god. Surprisingly he wasn't verry big. only about the size of a newborn baby. Before anybody could see I gathered him up in my shirt and took him to my apartment were I placed him in a jar of alcahol. I put him on my book shelf and went to eat. At night he would give off a strange blue glow. Later that week I started to charge people quarters to touch his head.
I don't know.

I never seem to keep friends for too long... and then I sit alone thinking to myself, "How do I keep on losing them?"

How do best friends come to be? Are they usually fast or slow in coming? Do we keep best friends for long periods, short periods?
I'm just picky about who I would want for a "best friend." I have enough aquaintences, but... there are so few people I would really like to spend a lot of time with. (sigh)
But what good is it, if no friend is good enough for you, you curse yourself to loneliness.
No, I'm very picky. Not just anyone will do.
plenty left for you, if you look in the right places.
-nico blue
When I was in junior high, my best friend and I would walk around our neighborhood, on the streets or on paths or whatever. We would have the most wonderful conversations there. Having a true friend helped me express myself in a way that I never could before. I never realized the power and importance of our friendship until she moved away.
Now I am very alone. I walk the halls of my school, and think, "I wish I had a best friend." I see that everyone already has one, and there's none left for me.
And now, 2 messages later, it is the last day of the eigth month of 1999.
Just an example to inactivity, I posted that last message, the first week I started using the dens, back in the beginning of December.
I met several artists and musicians on my local streets of Louisville Kentucky, some have gone on the become more famous than others. Anybody who ever read "Dragon" magazine, about role playing and fantasy games, has most likely seen the art of Larry Elmore, of whom my older brother was perhaps his biggest fan, taking up the name of one of his most well known comic characters from "Snarf's Quest".

Chaos Zen

Is Headbone Zone based in Seattle? I've got a friend at Pestweb.
hmm exciting. well i'm in seattle and elliott smith is playing next week and i'm going to see that... and then our lead developer guy is moving back to the motherland (canada) to guelph and he'll be working for... tdginteractive and he is our database guy and will be missed. oh and my dad left. he's in england now so home sucks. so that's all the interesting stuff here. oh and look, it's raining. surprise!

i'm trying to get a webpage together.

man, my life is really dull right now.

I was thinking of starting a Den called "sidewalk" where people could talk about occurences on their city or counry streets. And possibly make up games to play on the street.

Anything exciting going on out there? We moved into Dundas in Ontario Canada - near Hamilton an hour away from Toronto. It's winter now so it's hard to say what it will be like. But it looks like there is a good community base here. Primarily through an award-winning local newspaper.

I'm wanting to start a multimedia club. Get some people working on creative web projects. I was downtown talking to a few people about it and got told an unusual thing: Pleasant Valley, when it was new, had a really bad flooding problem and people used to canoe down the roads. Oops, that's probably a stupid thing for a Canadian to say on the internet. Whatever... I thought it was unusual so obviously it does not happen normally in Canada - land of the Beaver (I've never seen one in the wild except for in Washington DC)

anyone home??