everyone looking for them lyrics here they are...
The roof The roof The roof is on fire We dont use matches real smokers use lighters, the roof the roof the roof is on fire we dont need nothing but a little weed and a lighter...
the roach the roach the roach is on the wall we dont need no raid let that motherfucker crawl crawl motherfucker crawl crawl crawl
I find this troll quite darling, I do. Some of my best friends are trolls. They've taught me many a thing and have proven to be fastly valuble felations.

*Climbs into the lap of yon troll, curling up and falling asleep, safe and protected.*

-- The Letter D

The regulars around here do not worry about the kids much, we know who they are and where they live, we have their mommies phone number, just letting them sweat a little before deciding if we should disconnect their internet service or call their parents.

Want proof?

Take a look at this =>

Make you can type code in her and things would not be the same

Oh this could be bad for the webmaster.

where am i i was looking for lyricd


suzana spasovska
what is this place?
anyone out there?
:> hi
10 times

SaQ 2003

fuck yall


I want a porn star name

hey yo dawgs level wit me here wat the fcuk is dis?? i ain't trippen neither

what an odd place
im quite scared.....


i was just playing around. What thehell have I landed in? Would any one care to tell me what the fuck is this site about

are you a peter puffer
do u suck clocks? bull spit i bet u can putt a golfball thru a garden hos

hi jack
hahah wtf?

jake lakeshore
whahah wat kind of stupid place is this
what the hell is this place, i only wanteed to find lyrics to 'the roof is on the fire' - lee butler is an Evertonan!
yeah, what's with the roof on fire thing?

What the fuck?
Georgia Keegan Actress Elfrida
whats mean the roof the roof the roof is on fire?
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, we dont need no water let the motherfucker burn,
burn motherfucker burn...burn burn burn burn burn
Kill the man, become the monster!


not too shabby, how about yourself?
How's it going?
Gabriel Congress?
Misty Quigley?
Frigga Agusta?
Rat-rat Spadina? Oy...

I like "Red Snapper"
or "She-Ha, Phytofiend of Pangaia".

-Cosmo Bimbo, Almighty Lord of Onomatopoeia

Buffy 4th?
Spike Brooks
Lady 6th?
Guess it doesn't pay to have pets of opposite gender and live on numbered streets in big cities.

Christmas Broadway

my name would have to be Rambo Fischbacweg... german strasse names are cool...

Nico Blue

I'm Gigi Foxburn. That's pretty good, eh?
Well in that case I would then be Whitey the 20th.

Zaphod Breeblebrox

I am Zan 18 or Zan Hillandale. (ooohhhh, sexy...)
Hiya everyone!!!

This den has become quite boring, so I am going to change the subject now, okay?
The new topic is... PORNSTAR NAMES
They say that to create a pornstar name you take the name of your childhood pet and a street that you grew up on...
So what's your name?

Try it! Try it! Will you, please?
Did you know that my cat has fleas?
Would you on a large boat,
Sitting by a stinky goat?
I do not like eggs or Spam
I don't like greenland, chicken or ham
I am not hungry,
but thank you Mam.
Was there a Russian Suess?
I do not like them, Sam I am.
No Sam I am.
My name is Sam

I only live in a small Hamlet.
I live in Eggland.
I live in Greenland.
Was that a pun on open dens?
Is Dimitra your name?

I'm not sure what I'm doing here! I'm very open...