I come to wonder, does a den become rebuilt with every entering? When no one is around, does it deconstruct or shift itself into its own dreams.

Do dens of dreamers dream of dreamwers while they wake?

-- The Letter D

I read from the end of the book foreward, so the Dens look perfectly normal to me.
But it's funny, too... isn't it?


It's really kind of confusing scrolling through these dens because they run so very backwards.
You should enjoy that infection, it's helping you sleep, no?


Actually, I wish I had a lack of phlegm. This whole throat infection thing is really not diggable.
but, I guess your phlegm is superior to mine, seeing as how mine isn't even wanted.
-nico blue
You know you like it, baby! You just wish your phlegm was as moist and runny as mine. Admit that your phlegm is quite inferior to the phlegm of royalty!!!



Does anyone have a cough drop?


stop blowing your nose on my shirts.
I rarely do laundry and the dried nose goo on the few clothes I own is beginning to frighten my dog.
as well as me.
-nico blue

Do you frequent hipcats.com? If so, I hope you check out my hip cat. I'm so happy because I just made the right wing!

queen thalia (that's the hipcat name)

Thalia....once again...you rule!

-Badger (I posted that "facial tissue" bit...plus other things you've responded to.I really ougtta sign my nom de plume after posts.)

That's why I think it's easier to just blow my nose on the sleeve of my shirt, or on the back of a friend's shirt. That way, I don't have to think about it.

"I am the queen--I can do whatever I want!"

queen thalia of the munkee persons

Here's an odd one......"Facial Tissue".I mean....I dunno.....that's kinda strange, eh?As in, I DO have 'facial tissues'....but one can blow one's nose in 'facial tissue'.Hmmmmm....
Are you offering or asking for a tissue?
Interesting Den. Very trendy..I think I'm allergic to Vapors though. Tissue?
I think that they monkey was injured and is now on workers compinsation, he's probable living in Maui right now..
Well where is the monkey know? Can we ask him what he did?
I don't understand....
It is made of bananas
Then is the machine something inverse, perhaps a negative probability generator? How else could the sabot be placed to make repairation to the gear?
No, no - the monkey was fixing the machine
But didn't the monkey break the machine?
That is what we intend to find out. I am pushing the tray dons a long passage towards the machine...
Who is laying on the tray?
The dolly-tray is being pulled towards the palace...
Question is, are you ever truely awakened, or do you still dream of mundane life? Ponder this, do you see such things as real as dragon and wyrm, or do you still dream motorcars and scyscrapers family and job?
I don't know, do you? And are you when you awake?
do i wake at some point?
With one whiff of the vapour you are knocked out and land on a small dolly-tray covered in dark fur...
I think I shall smell the bubbling things!
I think the Yardmoth has been gobbled up by the most bard-yarling, moth-wailing-YARDBIRD!
How do you know you have not been hypnotized your whole life with the sole purpose to bring you here this very moment. It is so...
yknow, i was wondering the same thing.
This is called a Den because it's five walls arch towards the ceiling which is obscured in a thin mist rising from an urn on a dark table with many drawers, each with a keyhole barely visible in the gloom of the room lit only with candle light flickering in the breath of an open ventilation shaft above a bubbling unattended experiment set before a chalkboard with the letters "v" "i" "s" "g" written in the same handwriting as the notes in the margin of a fifty pound dusty black book sitting on a pedestal in the corner next to a globe with no recognizable continents which ticks as it spins in a strange pattern similar to the 4 cuckoo clocks, one per wall, except for the wall that is covered with some sort of translucent substance in which vague patterns can be seen when rubbed with strange two-foot-in-diameter balls of white rays of yarn that carry a static charge collecting from the ground, the fur of an unseen animal who must have used the system of perches and tunnels constructed in the corner by the tall crock holding canes and shafts with metal semi-spheres and one extremely long pencil with the engraving, "Palace of the Yardmoth" on its side, its once-large eraser worn down from erasing all the pages of a journal kept on an ivory desk in the center of the Den Mysteria.
Why is this called a DEN?!!!!!!!???