my night mare is waking up in a dark small damp room with no windows and a person in a straight jacket that is trying to break out and the door is locked and the person stars laughing........
I think it's "Welcome to my Nightmare".
Could be refering to "Severity" as in the sepheroth of Geburah, or could be a less acurate version of "Ashur".

PS, it's TOPY, not TOPI.


"Welcome to Your Nightmare": isn't that an Alice Cooper album?

I've been thinking about that dream with "Amner" in it. Isn't that the name of the man who was brutally sodomised with a broom handle by a police officer? I know that's not something one would like to think about... maybe you should describe the dream in greater detail.

any thoughts on a god named Amner in the tree of life? for some reason I dreamt of a god named Amner taking the place of the opener in the tree.
comments anyone?
I grasp onward toward Kether....I am shackeled to Malkuth.

Binah collects my tears, and inspires me to keep working and loving.

And the number is "23"!:.
And now I return with knowledge of the names and new understandings, it is our placement and pathworking umong the Kaballistic "Tree of Life", the journey to Kether, from where all color make things solid, and black in spiritual nature, the kingdom of Earth in Malkuth. Understanding that a majick known as "Tantra" has been enacted according to the verse of TOPI, without prior knowledge of "Tantra", "TOPI", nor knowledge in conversation. What becomes possible of the impossible from a little dabbling. I am changed:.
My soul mate once had a fevered dream that his house was being invaded by the number 45. Whilst still asleep he made it all the way downstairs to check on their progress...After that he was taken to the hospital for a little bit...He still enjoys working with numbers though.
By the way, the bath and girl were real, the Holy Guardian Angel and crows were the vision.

I had a dream, or perhaps vision, since I was awake at the time. I was being bathed by a female aquaintance, when the scenery flashed to an Angel, who was feeding olives to prismatic crows. In the dream, a crow had said that he would lead me to the place where the crows are white. When I told her what I had saw, she just thought it was wierd, but since, I have been contacted by prevelant authorities of several obscure but widespread religions. Now I am being accused of being some sort of prophet of some sort of secret wisdom.

I think something may have gone wrong in my attempt to reinforce MajicK already in the works, hope it hasn't been canceled out.


I'm still waiting to hear the final result of my confession. Yep, I gave her the book, as per "Ardor Rites De Amour" ritual, but can't find sandalwood oil, think it will still work? I sure hope so, after all, it is FROM THE HEART.


Gotta go, life is short, no time for sleep, she awaits...
Latest report from my sleep deprivation experiment:

Often when there is so very little time to dream, and waking hours leave much to wonder what is real and what is dream, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate the difference between the two. I am almost certain that I am still awake, but when many occurances seem a bit unreal or unlikely it causes one to question. The hazards of such are that carelessness seems to increase as the sense of reality diminishes. "Was that realy a police car chasing me?", "Did I show up for the party?", "Where am I?".

I don't think they oppose, only that I do not sleep, and often lose consciousness because of it.
But that is only because none will allow me freedom (as a single parent), from my kids. So I have to wait until the children are sleeping before I can spend time with her, then rush home in the morning to get ready for my long days at work...
No time to sleep, no babysitters or freedom, dreams are rare, and taken very serious.

Often it is nearly impossible in this state to distinguish the difference between dream and reality, and I've found myself often living out some dreams, or experiencing a form of "Deja Vu", in which I proceed as I believe to have dreamed.

Sleep is only a small sacrifice for the one I love, and in this weakened state, I sometimes feel as if the risk to my own life (repeatedly fainting, even on occassion while driving), is insignificant, when compared to the time I do get to spend with her.

If I am given the freedom to see her by day, I could enjoy life much longer, much safer.

She is my everything.

To me then, it sounds like in forming this new relationship you MUST severe ties to your family. Would this be a correct assumption?
If your family only disagrees with the relationship then there is a posability that they will accept it later on down the road, once they see how happy you are. If things don't work out then I'm sure there will be a ready supple of "I told you so's".
perhaps some background on recent events may clear up this dream a bit further.

I have been dreaming (in sleep as well as waking), of spending the rest of my life with one certain person. after 3 years of waiting for the oportunity, I have gotten close enough to start a meaningfull relationship. However, every oportunity to be with her is erradicated by some action of my family or children.

The stuff "I cannot live without" (as some may think), are to be left in the car, to be found with the car. Perhaps to ensure the theory that I am truly gone. All that meant anything, is meaningless except for the new life I wish to build with this one person.


I will try my best to interpret what I can of your dream. What I say may not make sense nor come true. I interpret only from past experience and teachings...
The flood and you leaving with all of your worldly possessions seems to me like either you have a need to or will, go through some major change in your life. The rain and floods are like the Biblical flood; that is they represent washing away the old and creating renewal and fertility. You taking all of your belongings seems to me that in this change you will lose no personal property. The letter could mean that you are anxious about making the change, fear of leaving others behind. The letter is soething they can follow or understand, even if your actions don't seem to make sense. The car dissapearing shows in the change you may lose relationships or be cut off from them. As I said above, people may not understand the change.
The last part seems like that you, yourself, are possible uncomfortable with the change. You don't know how others will react to this "new you" in whatever form that may take. And only you can make the desicion as to who you will re-unite with. Only you will know how each will react to the change.
This change could be one of location, love, personality, job, status, outlook, or simple phase of life, a developmental stepping stone if you will.
I hope this may have been some help.
Here's a dream I've pondered well.
It is raining heavy, flash flood warnings on the television. I pack things which many know or think to be invaluable and sacred to myself into my car. I write a long letter of depression in red ink and leave it on my bed. I get into my car and drive to the river, notorious for its unpredictable currents and viscious changes in bad weather. The car goes in. No body found, but shurly is lost. "He would not have left these things behind, they were his life".

Freedom is found when I awake in a far away land. I have regained my "Free will". Only thing left is to determine who I now am. Should I ever risk being discovered in making contact to any souls of my past? My friend for half my life?
My one and only love?
My brother?

I believe in what transpired last night,
and it was quite dreamy!

Chaos Zen

But that does not mean that the dreams cannot be made to be real,
Faith is the key.


All dreams are fasle, only meant to show you what you will never have. Only ment to depress and drag you heart through the cold mud of reality. Everything is hopeless and in vain,
nothing real but pain.


So, what does that have to do with a conversation about dreams and somnatics?
Inacurate information. The state of being untrue.
An object or idea which is not genuine or real. [In Quantum Physics]: A negative charge-based sub atomic partical of the "Quark" variety in opposition or balance with Truths and or Beauties.
Look what up in the dictionary, genious?
False - look it up in the dictionary.
If you realy think about it, people are always interested in dreams, where do you think all fictional movies and stories come from? You don't have to be sleeping to dream.
After thinking more about that dream, it all seems to make more sense. I always wanted a car without the common responsibilities of my primary car, such as being able to treat it rough and not worry about it breaking down. Also, the actions of the blond may have come from subconsious thought about the attractive nurse who shaved me before surgery, and also I had rushed to swap parts on two cars, against doctors orders so that I would not risk losing the "parts" investment on one which would need to be scrapped before I would be able to fully recover. The rest seems to be human nature of competition mixed with desire and maybe a little lust. Spending the night out seems to stem from a desire for such freedom, which I as a single father do not have at this time.
There's that old saying, no one is interested in your dreams but yourself. That's not always true but in some cases, if you don't have much in common with the elements of the dream, I understand the saying.

If you connected your dream to something in real life like you are a car salesman... then that is the sort of neat twist that people like to hear. It's not always necessary to have a twist but it can help at times.

Last night I had a dream that lasted for about 24 hours but only took 3 hours to veiw. It involved exact details on making a junk car workable, racing it against some hoodlems because I did not care whether the car was damaged or not, earning their respect and friendship, then while "stunt-Driving", seeing who could drive at a sliding angle the longest, shreaded both front tires on the edge of a ditch, and spending the night at the hoodlems "Crash House", where the good looking exhibitionist blond spent the night with me, and it seemed her previous boyfriend, the biggest long haired hoodlem did not mind. Was she the prize for all the efforts? I then dreamed of waking a few hours later when her father came home and he offered to help fix the junker then I explained to him it was just scrap parts which I did not care for but he fixed it anyhow so we'd have a ride home, and to get it out of his yard. Weird, but enjoyable. I am only writing it here because I cannot imediately find my dream journal.

A few details unrelated to the story include the fact that the car was supposed to be a Ford LTD, but in the dream it looked more like a mid 70's Chevy Nova, the color of the junker was primarily light silvery blue, it was gutted and lean, like it was made only for racing, no firewall, carpet, windows, front grill, etc...
The girl was very young, about 18 or 19, and was attracted to scars and other less than perfect features, though she was beautifull (beauty and the beast kind of thing I suppose) She had short blond hair, did not like wearing clothes much, and liked to dance around. And somewhere in the dream, I remember a black or dark brown station wagon, which had a grill like an early 70's Pontiac Catalina but I don't recall the significance and it too was stripped down and ragged out. I think it was the blonde girls car, and I was helping to make it run.

Any reasonable analysis is welcome.

Often, I'll recall about 8 hours of detailed memmory from a 2 hour nap. It is strange phenomena, but not unusual.

Chaos Zen

I found the man with the big tape. He was still there even when I awoke. I am/was happy. When I closed my eyes to try and catch some of those dreams, I realised that an entire level of dream consciousness had evaporated, leaving floating memories. Being a practicing intuitive minded person, on all the amino-acids, I was suprised at the ability of serious hours of recall, in split seconds. My constant was myself in my bed half-dreaming (meditative state?) as if I had a remote control, scanning the tape for what I wanted to remember or even know.

True Dan, I believe it has something to do with interuptions in the sleep stages, the dreams are more detailed and real, in midrest, and if sleep is interupted then, it becomes more easily remembered. When oversleeping, more time is allowed to forget the dream before you even wake.

Chaos Zen

Dreams come and go. Personally, I like it when I remember my dreams. I heard that discomforts in the night cause you to dream and remember. Like having to go to the bathroom or if you are cold.
It seems as if nobody else dreams anymore.
I had a strange dream which seemed to relate to nothing.

There were these three women on a TV series, who were the main characters and the topic was always working in a mall store or resturant, in a business venture they own which is constantly changing. But the plot was always about secondary issues, running a business while promoting some social function or organization. The equal oposites of these characters were almost identical, except from a different store, different in appearance and supporting different but unrelated issues.

The whole series appeared to be a sitcom where each group of 3 as bitter rivals would do everything they could to discredit or ruin the other group, even posing as employees trying to run off the patrons.

My analysis:
It seems that far too many people/businesses put too much effort into discrediting the other, and not enough effort into comming up with their own ideas at the expense of patrons and profit (whether it be a money making business, or just trying to promote an idea).

I did that for a few months - it was really cool. You start to map together places in your dreams and find reoccurring themes...
What is with so many people thinking these dens are some kind of CHAT???

Boot to the head!

My advice on the previous subject:
Keep a dream journal, write down as much as you can remember of your dreams withing your first waking minutes. You will notice your dreams fade quickly, and after about 15 minutes to an hour, you may even forget so much as to whether you even dreamed at all. Try it, you will be suprised as to how much you realy dream, and how much is lost when it's forgotten.

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If you think you are not dreaming it is only because you don't remember your dreams, because everyone has at least six dreams a night.
I think dreams are messages from your majik self, what needs to be done in order to fullfil what you most desire.

Several of my worst have been mentioned previosly.

Anxiety dreams, worry about something not done, or running out of time. Often when this happens to me, it is a dream that I am trying to get to sleep, and keep seeing the clock tick the hours away. I wake up when the dream clock matches my own and realize that only the perception of time was distorted and though I realy did sleep, indicated by the surreal surounding in the dream, I feel quite unrested by my dream of insomnia.

Another dream seems to have evolved from the classic "chase" dream, in which you feel stuck or slowed. In these dreams, I conquered the "beast" by reason and logic. If I am slowed, and there are always stairways present (the kind that go back and forth, 2 flights or landings per floor), then falling would also be slow enough not to harm. Therefor I can always outrun the beast by jumping over the railing to the next flight of stairs.

In reality, after seeing more recent success in my life, I see these dreams and my use of logic and reason as an indication that I may have been telling myself that good reasoning abilities, dilligence and determination can easily overcome obstacles (the stairs) and conquer the "beast" (personal shortcomings or regrets).


Not true oo3x, I have not dreamed for months at a time. The only thing I see when I'm awake is the mundane. Unfortunately it dissolves away the more arcane of our abilities as we manifest them in life. This includes luck. Don't stop dreaming.
reason - wacky E of BDHW
I heard that if you don't dream for some rason, you get all wack and start dreaming while your awake and start seeing things and go crazy.
Perhaps dreams are uncontrollable
I once had a dream in which a once familiar location became unfamiliar and posses-ed...the sky grew strangely still and the "haunting" of what was ironically a church(that my family had lived in for years-true) manifested itself as rivers of putrid birdshit oozing and dripping from the ceilings and windows as a chorus of seagulls screeching from a pulpit like balcony that ran across the building unravelled my senses...then I found myself in a nearby field waiting in the long grass for something...I knew not what.I saw feet approaching and heard swishswish and an over-alled man confronted me with a rifle. It father!!!!!which is strange because my father is not a hick and does not wear over-alls. i later knew(i dont know how)that I was waiting for my sister. Holy freudian analysis batman! So what does that dream tell you about me?
Do you guys think that nightmares tell you more about a person than regular dreams?
EXACTLY!!!!--anxiety freakout,like letting off excess steam from the subconsious pressure cooker
of the mind! Panic is the word!-and the most appropriate one at that!-not quite dread,or fear.
leaves you pretty drained eh-what?...Theophilus
to theopolis : it's funny - my nightmares aren't usually the things chasing me, can't move type deals. they're usually that i've done/haven't done something and i'm going through the various stages of PANIC. i always wake up absolutely exhausted and misrable - mainly because they are SO REAL i can't decide if they've happened or not. i spend the whole day trying to validate the fact that it was all a dream. and i'm never really sure... jk
I dreamt I was in a bathtub with Richard Nixon and Rich Little--UG!

I once had a dream in which i had discovered some kind of alchemical secret elixir-so I wrote a screenplay for a movie to explain it. my mother seized it maliciously and started to read it aloud to those about!Infuriating me!I screamed and took
it back-i couldnt have everybody hearing my screenplay!(sheesh)Then my Fathre appeared and
eerily waved a large knife and threatened to chop off my head if i didn't behave next time-he actually said "Chop-Chop"and gestured toward a nearby FRYING PAN!!!!!!!!
To JK..I had a dream once when I was very small,one night after buying my first ADIDAS-
Tee-shirt,this dream began as a was chasing something thru a sort of post-apocalyptic waste
of rubble-and smoking basements. A strange noise
began to reverberate throughout the village...
I turned to face swarming RATS of all shapes and sizes,skritchy-skratching out of fissures and cracks,bricks and the like. I ran-that kind of
treadmill running that keeps you in a kind of place with cement feet--but I actuall seemed to be making some headway. As I turned to see my progress the leader of the formation of rats-who
preffered a roman Phalanx now, lept and plunged his teeth into my breast-with an accompanied feeling like teeth into an apple i almost felt it myself!-first the teeth pierce the outerlayer,which provides a kind of resistance that contains the fleshy pulp an apple...any way i woke to find my treasured Adidas
tee-shirt had two tiny rips right at my chest...
I took it to school to illustrate my fantastic dream!-----TRUE STORY!-Theophilus
No, I've never really thought of Gummy Bears before - they certainly are artificial I hope. What makes things gummy like that is it the gelitan or however you spell it?

i just read this really funny online journal where the author discussed how gummy bears are evil... are you of the same school?
They must have been gummy bears.
the last nightmare i had was of being in a system of underground tunnels and we were supposed to be hunting rats and they were huge and we ran through the tunnels chasing them and they chattered as they ran but then these other creatures started crawling out of the cracks in the walls and they were like rats only much bigger and rounder and they didn't have the teeth and yet, for some reason they were much more frightening and they started to chase US! and then i tripped and hit my head - and woke up. it was absolutely terrifying.
Hey, Leslie - that sounds like the Toronto subway! Nightmares: I developed the power to fly and zap people with lightening bolts from my fingers when evil beings confronted me in some old nightmares... but even as a child I had a hard time taking nightmares seriously. I remember being chased by a model T Ford that had a big grin on its grill and eyes with big eyelashes where the headlamps should be. Whoever had been hassling me that day would be driving it, and it would chase me over rooftops around the neighborhood.
Isn't that silly?
- Liz
My nightmare is being inserted against my will into a stifling hot, damp, smelly, endlessly-noisy place where millions of people are crowded into a tiny space, and keep moving incessantly, brushing against and bumping into me. Wait a minute... that's my real life in Hong Kong! Welcome to MY nightmare.
Leslie F.
My one and only nightmare was fending off Tigers in a jungle of trees that were all the same and made a canopy about 10 feet above my head. The Tigers seemed to jump out from behind the trees. It nightmare subsided because Clouseau showed up and started Karate chopping. I started laughing and all the Tigers took off their costumes and laughed too. Most of the Tigers were swinging 60's chicks so it turned into a pretty good party.


My nightmare is set in a big hill with dirt tunnels in it. Each tunnel I take keeps getting smaller and smaller.
My nightmare has an endless row of square houses in the dark with hedges on their roofs. I am climbing trellises and jumping from one patio to the next. I'm being chased.
welcome to your nightmare