hi ben

I am sorry I said the previous comment. I am just so infacuated with the man that I cannot help myself
ben kopish is such a stupid childish boy. he thinks he is hot. but he isn't.
i've seen ben's underpants

holy lazer eye surgery, its tuna and lamb. joe wong is sqinting at though its not sunny!

ummm i know ben. and you guys are all creepy
I don't even lie about it---it's not my place at this moment in time and place to exaggerate this statement. But the simple fact is true beyond all reason and human good---i still have poopy pants

I have poopy pants

Perhaps he runs forward seven leauges into the yearlings, to a leap year when we pretend its 2009. When we will be saying 'Ben who?' and the prophit will excclaim and point to the guy in the beard.

Its all happened before.

This from the one who remembers the threat of The Lizards.

-- The Letter D

2003 is almost over now, is he running late?
I am!
are you claiming to be a prophet of the great Ben Kopish?
yeah right. we all look up to our ben kopish. we see him in a rice cake. i saw him for real. i am the hero.
Oh Ben, Oh Ben, I bow down before thee. I live by your teachings and wish to be just like you when I grow up. You are the sunshine of what would be a dark and abismal life. When ever I am down and out, I think of you and everything is okay again. I LOVE YOU!
All faithful to the Ben Kopish are to look unto the heaven's in amazement and ponder "what is up there"!

Perhaps that is where our enlightnemnet is to be revealed.

I am humbled at the feet of our savior. Heal me Lord!
The newest testament of the Ben Kopish, "What's up guys".

This of course means whe should all ponder and carefully observe the heavens. "Guys" clearly means those true of faith.

Lord Ben Kopish, thou hast returned early... But stylishly early!

Umm this is ben kopish....whats up guys
It is I, the servent of Our Lord Ben Kopish. He had sent me to deliver a message so all that walk the Earth will know the wonder of Ben kopish.
" I will return at midnight, on december 13th, 2002. Await my arrival and sing spiritual songs. "
we must style and profile; so say-eth our lord, ben kopish.
What are the teachings of Ben Kopish?
Golden Dawn?
GD=Grateful Dead

Ben Kopish was actually the sinesthetic influence for most of the motifs in the jam between "Samson" and "Franklins'"; 10/06/76 Oakland by the G.D.No kiddin'!
I saw the image of Ben Kopish in a rice cake once. It was SCARY
Have there been any Ben Kopish sightings, like Elvis?
For amusement, consult.....
www.lanoo.com or

(NB- it may be lannoo or Lannoo or something simlar......all quite funny)

Love under Will, as per Liber Al, qabalistica of the Thelemite religion, refers to love being LAW, second only to the Will.

Do as Thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
Love is the law, love under will
Liber Al:93;23

Passion and longing are the engines that drive love. Not will. Or maybe will does in the sense that we are willed to seek out love in order to fullfill and satisfy or passion and longing.
Love under Will.
when absolutes vanish,..when day and night good and evil become irrelevant..when all is dosolved that is the day you realise....I've been duped again!!...will is the law
OK, spiritual daytime again, love all,
love is the law.

Eriscrede Discordia

My followers are confussed, they looked up to a great light, and now wanter why they are to worship a vast darkness. So what if our spiritual day and night exchange irregularly, isn't that the way of the Eriscant?

Eriscrede Discordia
Liber Not!

ask him to do something about the cockroaches down there...some of my followers are complaining!
Go away blasphemer!

You ingreatious heretic!

The Ben Kopish will return, then you will see! Who will be laughing then? Only the true believers will be permitted entry into the halls of the great mansion kingdom of the hereafter, and infidels will be charged a heavy rent and get no electricity or cable TV!

Do you guys like all worship this ben kopish dude or something cuz he'll probably never come back but if he does he'll realize that everyone in this den knows his first and last name and bows down to him awaiting his return with thier weird cultish beliefs.
YODA..yoda...where are you?!!
Hmmm, quite a few chosen ones in here, is this some sort of mystical gathering?
Theophilus once spoke in hushed tones of the one called Ben Kopish....something vaguely cryptic..ah i remember something like he owed him twenty "bucks"??and that he had better "pay up" or roast mightily in the flames of Gehennah!
a disciple of Theophilus
He will return in STYLE!
Something about making a grand entrance upon his return?
Let us analyze the last words spoken by the great Ben Kopish...
I had a vision, it was dark, my clock said 2:13 am and I turned on my light. A look at my calandar revealed the date to be Janus 23 and the year 2000. That morning and time, the Ben Kopish did return.
Maybe he will come in the year 2000
It is written that one day, The Ben Kopish will return and lead us to a new place.
Is this a new religion, all who await the arrival of the Ben Kopish?
We await teh word of teh great Ben Kopish - twll us how it is!
Will Ben Kopish ever say anything in here?
Is your name Ben Kopish?

wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stylin and profilin!