Willage would be more as said previously, "ones will to do.."

To use as a tangeable noun, as opposed to abstract, it should probably be spelled as Wheelage, such as to label the mechanical linkage of a vessel's steerage.

what is this? o_O'
We would certainly accept nanotaco. I think that's only 10 points, though.
What about a nano-taco? (10 to the -9th taco -or- one taco over 1000000000)
And I thought taco bell's were small.
It's really hard to predict. Bad if you're trying to earn points for something. When we play scrabble, we don't play for points, we play for devestation (like, "turbozing"). SI prefixes are big ("kilodwarf" = 1000 dwarves).
and is there anything wrong with chaos?
That would be out of control.
scrabble! wow! thats such a great idea... would there be any interest/ideas on starting a "scabble-ish" den?
Can I use it next time I play scrabble? That would be worth...11 points.
That's pretty good. I think it sounds kind of like a tool, something like an awl (that's the one that punches holes in leather, right?) Maybe a water wheel.
willage... it could be another word for willingness... "her willage to watch the Smurfs increased after reading the past few posts"
uhh, certainly village. I don't know what a willage is. Do you? Does anyone?
willage, or village?
Go to smurf willage!
that one should go in the laughter den!!!!!
99 Smurfs, 1 Smurfette...
Who is Baby Smurf's father?

Answer: Clumsy Smurf

A Smurf can hold his (or her) breath until they turn teal! (or is that chartreus?)
Hey, wait! No one answered the question: "What would happen if a smurf held its breath until it turned blue?"


If I DO have a generation....I'm frankly not that impressed by it.Maybe I.....ummm...hmmmm.


"Whatever" (Our new zeitgeist?)

Thalia......twas I, Badger, that made that "Generations are a commercial construct" post.Yes, I DO miss my childhood toys.I think that ties into eras (As you were just mentioning).I mean, I was a "Child"in the late 70s-mid eighties ("Child",As toy purchases go)....and whatta time!Such inflation as to cause people to put their money into material objects rather than banks.Then, the era of the hostile take-over.Then.....the insainity of the 90s!

The long n'the short of it is; I can hang out with my great aunts/uncles (80s), my best friends daughter (2 1/2), the fellas down at th' pub (30-60), the teenage clerk at the corner store, etc....and feel a kinship (Or, conversly....feel NO kinship) that transcends year of birth.

Another point...."Teenagers" were only really invented in the late 40s/early 50s in the U.S.It's from that phenomena we get our 'modern' ideas about "generations".

I asked, "What generation is after generation X?" so that I can be sure to separate myself from it.

To the person that wrote the previous message, you are right, most of the stuff that has been thrown at my... generation, age group, or whatever you want to call it has been complete crap that has been forced upon the consumer, from Hammer-pants to big sparkley claw hair-clips to Brittany Spears to Old Navy commercials. (I hope I didn't get any annoying songs re-stuck in anybody's head) I also agree that good long-lasting relationships between people have nothing to do with age.

But I do miss some of my childhood toys-- don't you?


PS: I hope have not offended anyone with my opinions, but wait 15-20 years and THEN tell me how cool it was to have "Preformance Fleece." It will be like our parents trying to convince us of how neat the "Mashed Potatoe" was in the 50s or how groovy "The Hustle" was in the 70s.

"Generations" are starting to be just a load of pop-kult' bollocks.

I think it's just marketing and commerce.......create a demographic and create sell stuff to them, as opposed to finding a demographic and model products around that.
I feel almost the same "kinship" (Or lack thereof) with people my age +/- 3 yrs than I do with people in their 50s.(BTW, I'm 23).

They sometimes call us generation y. But personally I protest against the naming of generations. It only started in the 60s with the baby boomers. We should get out of this bad. Habit. By the by, I think I'm going to start signing my posts.
After aerobic class today, I noticed that one of the bathrooms at my college smells like Barbie perfume. It is wonderful to smell a memory of my childhood and try to pretend it was always as good as Jem and the Holograms colouring books, and Strawberry Shortcake dinner plates, dolls that turned into cupcakes, and tiny blue smurfs that one can only see two places now (at strange hours on cartoon network and under the influence of drugs). But then, I come tumbling back to reality, knowing that the New Kids on the Block and their Popeye the Sailorman danse come with all that. (yuck) What generation is after generation X?

Question: What would happen if a smurf held its breath until it turned blue?


I can smell music. I have a candle that smells like Bethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It is the bestest candle I have and I only burn it for special occasions.


Handy hint:Put two golf balls into your washing machine.It helps...honhest!Extra aggitation.One caveat; DO NOT use with delicates.

As far a smell go's.....I can still smell kindergarten.

Perhaps not. It was a tragic story in any case.
She said she wanted "head", but I don't think that is what she was expecting.

Salomé had the head of St. John the Baptist served to her on a platter.
I'll settle for thick padded quilts and maybe a geisha or two.
That is the grand dryer of the emperor with the statued finger!!! It is turned with a shaft from the Zeng waterfall and none is allowed to enter save the seven geisha's of Zeng wearing only silk, their hair braided into baskets and their feet soft for they have never walked on anything but pillows...
Which one has the fluffy pillows in it?
I'll take dryer number 3!
Much better than hopping into a big pile of rocks!
One thing though, their dryers are so big you can get into them. This one has just turned off and I hop into a pile of warm white sheets. Ahhhhh
Rock tumbler or Maytag?
Let he who without stain wash the first stone.
I smell dryer lint, must be machine wash, unless we trow stones into the washing machine. Would that be stone washed or just a bunch of clean rocks?
Will that be machine wash or tradition beating on stone?
Now it smells like rice and lint...

Or is that fish and roses?

Bleech? Poof! A Chinese laundry room appears bustling around you.
Dogs smell everything.
Primal honesty
Dogs smell each other's butts
I smell bleech!
I smell trees of ripened plums growing wildly in the wood, and cherries firm and sour, some soft, dark and good.
I smell staggared rows of blueberry brush and a musty old Roman fort
a construct of mud and wood.


Inside is the head of John the Baptist. with shallots and aubergines-in a white wine sauce.
woosh, a victorian waiter sweeps in and presents a silver tray with a silver shelled lid.
i smell FOOD
Smell is stronger than any sense when it comes to memory and this Den seems to have magical aromatic properties...

It is here where I can smell the centuries