Fraternal Order - Originaly derived as replacement for the term "Brotherhood" (which realy just means the same thing). Brotherhood orders seemed common in the past, moreso than female organizations mainly due to the misconception of men who think women incapable of comprehending complex sociatal structure. (Such as mystic lodges, Kaballah, secret societies and so forth).

It is a bit suprising that these names and variations still exist, mainly for reasons of "tradition", without acknowledgement that such "tradition" is of bias and ignorance.

The "Dark ages" could be called a "tradition", as could the "Inquisition"... being a tradition does not make it right.

Next time the "Fraternal Order of Police" call you up asking for a donation, tell them "No, the name alone intones gender bias and should not be supported".

As contrasted by Sorority, yes. It does however seem to impose a symbolic gender bias on occupations filled by accompanying "Fraternal Orders", such as law enforcement.
does the word Fraternity refer mostly to a male group or organization?

When is the almighty E of BDHW (Elocutionist of British Diplomat, Harvey Winerafter) going to set everything straight?
heh heh heh... me laugh funny-ha-ha
Deffinitions for words deriving from the root "Eros":

eroplane = a vehichle for the "Mile High Club".
eromatherapy = sexual healing.
erosion = impotency.
erogant = a guy who imagines his own physical attributes on a larger scale than what they truly are.
erosistable = A target/subject capable of inspiring lust.
erobics = A breathing excercise participated in durring times of passion.
eroneous = realization that what you brought home last night does not look so good now that you are sober.
erode = position with man on top of partner, as opposed to sherode.

The term "Eros", as used in literature:

"To be, or not to be, that is the question, whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and Eros of outrageous fortune..." - Shakespear

But, (more seriously), the word "Erection" also derives from Eros...

Is eros ever used as a root aside from "erotic"? It never seemed to catch on in the nomenclature way like philos.


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Chaos Zen

I believe that terming "pedophilia" as it is used today, stems much from what Badger had said, ("a lifes study"), in that it refers to a deeper knowledge of and used as it is in reference to "carnal knowledge".

Assuming that the word "passion" derives from a complete statement refering to the crucifiction is like saying that the word "Car" comes from a Ford Mustang. Sure it applies in that sense, but it is not the full context and it's origine comes from the reverse process of such linear thought. "Passaio" can be used to describe JC's convictions, but it is not the origine of the word. To be willing to give ones life for what they believe, is in fact a form of "passion", but a single instance of passion is not it's origin. That would be like saying that passion was not experienced before the crucifixion, which I refuse to believe.

This is not a chat room! If people would take the time to read through the dens they would know that, though...

That is what I don't get about chat rooms-- the way that people seem to butt into meaningless conversations.
I don't think I'll ever get used to this internet-thing.


Is anybody there
Latin CAREER, rather.... shoddy high school Latin carrer isn't helping me much here, but....

'Philos' is life/living....but only in a certain context.rom this we get "Philosophy"; ie Philos and Logos (Study of life+living).

Peado/pedo is child...again, in a particular sense.But the suffix in pedophile means "freind of"....sorta.

Hmmmm...this is gettin' confusing.

That's kind of naughty, isn't it?

In the word, "pedophile" isn't the root word for love, "philos" (not sure on spelling) which is the love for mankind, as in PHILanthropy? But in our use of the word, "pedophile," it's a sexual love, like "eros," towards children, right?

Of course, a combination of pedo and eros probably wouldn't sound as snappy, I guess.


Latin and Catholic scholars could aid in this discussion.Is'nt the root of 'passion', "Passaio" (sp?); meaning, very specifically, Christ's agony on the cross and his love for man?

Interesting origin for a word we use in context of romantic love and intense, though earthly , drives(Eg "She has a real PASSION for playing the flute" etc)

Quote from previous message:
We associate flames and passion. Both can last only so long, and then they are gone
Depends... i've seen many couples lasting for decades, with the whole time full of passion and love.... in these cases, the passion and love go hand-in-hand, and some say, love lasts forever. Therefore, won't the passion?
Hey, are you calling me a moth!?!?

Hmmm.... i figured, what the hell, i'll change my allias again...
--SmS (previously known as steverz the great)
I think that we are like the moths, attracted to the ephemeral. We associate flames and passion. Both can last only so long, and then they are gone. The difference is we tell ourselves that there is something eternal behind that passion.
But how long are we back, this time?
I'm back
I own this den, how could I leave?
The forces that are (a bunch of cartoon moths and headless bunnies (drawn in the japanamation style) who get together and talk about what should and should not be) bind me to this den for the rest of it's existance. Phisicly, mentally, and morally
Hey Stevers! Are you back, or just visiting?
(You were Squirrel? That's OK, I was 565, or was 565 Chaos Zen?)

Chaos Zen

Chaos Zen

people say the moth gets so tempted by the flame it flies into it and dies... i've never seen tht... all i've seen is a bunch of dead moths (and various other bugs) trapped in the lightbulb cover.
--SmS (aka Squirrel aka Steverz the Great... Member me?)
do they ever make it and burn up?
I like that theory.
They are out in the day, but you can't see them because they are all trying to fly into the sun.
If moths are so attracted to light, why don't they come out in the day?
well, some do, but most species are nocturnal
If all alse goes the same? Well, probably not. ballance comes from within, and how you view such things. Learning to live with the little dissapointments, and cherishing that which does come to be pleasant.

Chaos Zen

Wierd. 565, that is exactly like me but you didn't seem evil when we met in chat. Should I expect to come to balance the way you did, if the rest goes the same?


From one extreem to the other, love to all,
Chaos Zen
A joke, not I. However Evil was the chosen word as subject to enterpretation. Evil seems to encompass all emotion which I presently feel, as defined by the masses. To me, good and bad are simple whether or not you deny the doing of your own will, desires and denial of how you feel deep inside.

I am empty, and open for any who care to look within. There is nothing left of what was so positive and acceptable of me, that was givin so freely to all, and moreso to "the One", but when none is returned, all that is left is the supressed darkness, negativity, that I now have become. It wasn't a choice to be as such, but rather what has become, and what is pushed only to push back, by the lack of appetite for your words about love.
Tell me not of love, I knew it far to well, and what becomes of it. It isn't a failed emotion in me, nor a single instance, but rather something of which I had much experience and with greater passion, than those who so freely speak of it's divinity. When you can turn down over 100 inviting offers of temptation, for the minute possibility for what you dream, turn away all instant gratification and suffer alone in waiting, then come speak to me of your love, and I will speak to you of what you are to realize and experience in your hardships of waiting for something so meaningfull and sacred as you have yet, if ever to experience, or even comprehend.

My life is my book
Liber 565

I'll go ahead and 'fend fer that guy.
He's entitled to his opinion.give him a break. Rather then considering this the bash fest andgiving sappy speeches. 'sides, it was probly a joke.
love is the only true power...evil masquarades as a love. the burn of hope is this powers' is appealling..but so is the flame to the moth, the attraction to these darker forces is what distinguishes those still struggling with basic eternal (and valid) issues, from those who thru experience "know better". It is a folly to assume those who dont "go there" have never, or know it not.... sounds trite i know
up is up.....modern thought leads people down blind alleys of idle speculation and confusion...there are still absolutes.
question subjective thought. Evil..a buzz word
for what!?....catch all phrase.
Evil in essence may not be exactly whatever romantic notion you've dreamed it to be!
sure,dont beleive it from "the man" but...where there's smoke there is fire!

Cheer up...evil is such a fleeting solace,it's shackles bind stronger than tou think! ..If it aint so bad that "it' aint evil you're thinkin' of...

I am just fine and dandy, I found new strength and power in the bannishing of all that is good in love and hope. Evil aint so bad, and black is very apealing.


How are we doing what?
Ok, how are we doing?
Yes, it does seem that we all return to some focal point.
Ohhh, we crawl out of the cracks in the net, and walk the strands of the web until we occasionaly get back to this point.


and where'd everyone go anyways?

i am balaamke, of the Jaguar/humans. antone named Mixcatl (no bottle syndrome, it's aztec, sounds like tch.) from aztec times?
theophilus, sorry
the lack of h in teophilus was a typo
Hey I always spell it Theophilus. Us deity types always have mutual respect!
(a swoosh of velvet and he is gone!)

Theopolis comes to this den?
Theo, get ur golden ass back into your own den every once in a while, ppl miss ya
I also started the count... and requested we end it... but, whatever floats your boat
You can only tell who is who if they leave their signature...
and yes, i'm still here
--Squirrel aka Steverz
How can you tell who is who?


There is a guy steverz who started this Den. I was wondering where he is. Oh, I just scanned the Den again, he is Squirrel. I've seen that name a few times.


I am Chaos Zen, but what were you asking about?

Chaos Zen

So we have e-Dan, Chaos Zen, 565, Theopolis, Cosbian. Are you Chaos Zen?

What happend to Steverz the Great? This is kind of like putting together a who-done-it mystery.


i use bats....
hmm, let's forget about the persons count... ok?
nice to meet you too cosbian, though i beleive i've already met you in the edge of the universe
I don't need Bats, I check here almost daily and read almost all dens.


I'm here, I use the Bats. I'm Cosbian, pleased to meet you guys.
There is Theopolis and 565. Have you clicked the Bat, it helps figure out when people are posting so responses can be quicker. Who asked the question - I kind of lost the thread.


4 or 5...


ok... 4 i think...
I read all the Dens, and reply to almost anything new, so that is at least 3 people.

Chaos Zen

3 ppl? or 4? just wondering... thought maybe i could make some accquaintenets... but wtf?
Something's going on, and I'll probably never get it.
But you may call me "ID"
I'm here also but I never sign my name because I am part of your imagination. E-Dan may be another thought of your's as well!
k, i've counted 2 ppl... me and e-dan... anyone else...? i know there's at least one more person
I'm here and digging it.


In that case, you would be talking to yourself
Good point, indeed... or maybe it's the other way around....?
Don't know Squirrel, does it realy matter? We could all be nothing more than your own imagination.
Hmm, my den's more of a success then I thought
Who all is regularly checking in here andsending msg's?
Haven't read, could you tell us more? What are they about?
Ever read any D. Adams, or Piers Anthony?
Mmmm hmmm....
Ever read those Redwall nooks by Brian Jacques? (I think that's how his name is spelled.)
It makes perfect sense to me, too many artificials and superficials loose in the world today.
I agree, but it still sounds kinda sappy, don't you think?
--Steverz the Great aka Sargent Squirrel
I believe there are good trends and bad trends.
Good trends are catching new technologies and comforts (including clothing) as well as the way you chose to express yourself.

Bad trends are following the examples of others to pretend to "fit in", or make friends based on who you are lying about being. Such "fassion" trends are nothing more than masks to hide behind. Is there something so terrible about yourself that you feel such need to hide?

Don't follow...

Be yourself
Be a leader

I was answering to the question if it is good to change with trends or if it is fickle. I think that it is okay to change if you are "seeking" but it is not necessarily good to change if you are just "following". What you do probably depends on the type of person you are - passive or active. I've heard it said that it takes all types of people to make the world go 'round. I don't want to sound like a snob but I think with more active compassion this world would be a better place, don't you?
What the heck is that supposed to mean? I think your in the wrong den buddy.

What about experimentation until you find something you think is good. if you don't experiment how can you be sure what you've got is optimal?
Me? Deadhead? Gen X-er? HHHAAAAH!!!!
And is 14 7 years too young?
But no, seriously, I'm not supposed to be like anyone else, and I can't be a vally girl, coz it helps if i'm a girl. I'm just me. Steverz the Great. Nothing else. Sarcasm does come 2nd nature when I want it too, but I don't always want to be sarcastic. So, HAH!
Is it good to change with trends or is it fickle?
Are you like, a valley girl or something?
oh-i get it you're one of those deadheads or gen x-ers that's actually about 7 years too young to be one but likes the cool label, and sarcasm is just like, 2nd nature,like or something!
You're weird? You should meet me >=]
hello like totally like im all like weirded out like as if thanx
you must live somewhere the sun shines not!
Hiya Stacy, it's me, his trendyness, Steverz the Great!

Bellbottoms and a zigzag part are trendy where I come from.
Gotta love the sweet taste of india!

Everybody's doin' the fish! Yeah yeah yeah!
All bow down to Steverz the Great!

Trendy. Pleasurable. Soothing.