I'll have a Dad's Rootbeer and a Countrytime Sasparilla, if you dont mind.

-- The Letter D

Eternity. One breath to last you forever. Take one last step. Deeper and deeper into the cavern. Steady now. There you go. Here at last.
At least they still make Tahiti Treat. When I was young, getting a can of that and a bag of Doritos was a mighty special thing. Glad I'm not that young anymore.

I often crave ginger beer, which is far better than this wussy ginger 'ale' (ales are always paler and more flavourless, no?) that they try to push on us. Mostly I like it because it has pirates on it. YAAAARRRRR!

White chocolate isn't "chocolate" at All! it's confectionary..candy..it's oily tho to give the illusion of substance.....darn europeans have fooled us again! ;)
My cousin found a rat sealed in an RC cola can once.


Didn't OK soda have some 1-800 phone line people could call?
Or Crystal Pepsi?
Does anyone remember OK soda?
Why does doesn't white chocolate taste as good as milk chocolate?
Hello. What is this den about?
and 77% cocoa dark chocolate...those were the good days...
ahhh... tainted cheese. only love is more bittersweet.
it smells like tainted cheese....
it looks like mugwump jism
I just came from texas where you can buy 4' strips of beef jerky in the truckstops, but no turkey.
I love to watch those old Ronco Food Dehydrator comercials because of the TURKEY JERKY.
In Super Mario Bros. (the old nintendo one), the music they play when you're underground always sounded like, "TURKEY TURKEY JERKEY" to me.

say, "turkey jerky"
"Save big money at me nards (Menards)!!"
-- from a midwestern comercial for a hardware store
the aliens are coming!

innards= in + nards
(genitilia is funny.)
I've chosen not to have nightmares, and I don't. Even that crazy guy who's half-snake and swallows your soul? He doesn't scare me. I wrap him up in sausage casing and offer him some tea, knowing that he can't possibly drink it while trapped in a pig's innards.

I like the way that sounds: "trapped in a pig's innards".

Cosmo Bimbo, Almighty Lord of Onomatopoeia"

It is a balance of challenge and rewards, much like dreams, we cannot often choose a dream good or bad. Do you select your nightmares?
because even illusions have rules.
Because it's a challenge. Free will has worked wonders.
If that philosophy is true, than my mind is VERY screwed up! I must be some sort of masochist, or something... Why would anyone CHOOSE to live in the world that we do?
You probably ARE a nut... We're all nutz, though, so it's o-kay.
Wussat school of philosophy called wherein the core concept is (something like) "The individual is constantly creating what he/she considers reality.....and one can never be certain if what one perceives as reality is not, in fact, a construct of there own mind."All the people, objects, perceptions, history etc etc.....all just an ongoing fabrication of my mind.I say "my mind", for in this mode of thought, I can't technically be certain that anything else exists out side/ independant of it.

Pretty odd, huh?I remember thinking along these lines one day in the sixth grade and it really freaked me out.I told a teacher about this (Perhaps not as succinctly as above....I was 11 after all), and she just thought I was a nut.Hmmmmm....maybe thats pretty telling too!

Nope, sorry... Life is nothing but sharp bits...
I keep wading through all this life stuff. There must be some way to avoid tripping and falling on the sharp bits?
There are still quite a few people who come here with the misconception that the dens work like a chat, I suppose that gives a good idea of where most people waste away at while online...
Seems simple enough.
It works a lot like guestbooks, just leave messages, and check back later for responses.


I'm still not sure how this thing works, this is my first time here and I don't have much time to read everything.


So do I, just wish it had more activity,
It seems like I may be the only person who checks the dens almost every day!

Chaos Zen

anyways,im Liz and i love this site-Liz

hey what kind of room is this?

I beeleive that i m probabble te whoorst speler on theis sighte!!
Stop yelling!

gOOD BYE 'TIL NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lust a few typos ere nad hthere.


Hmmm... it's been so long since I've checked here... a while back some people corrected me on my spelling and punctuation.... it's typos...
And as for me mixxing everything up, that was on purpose, i was looking for a laugh rather then critasizm
Yeah, only 100 years or so... The older stuff is fossiles and Adobe.
I thought cement would have been around for a long time but I think it's only 100 years old.
Is that hard to do, or just plain hard?
How about clapping your knees in cement?
Don't clap your feet in cement either!
I advise against clapping your feet underwater.
Ouch, cramps!
One foot, rapidly "golf-clapping", underwater
Half a hand clapping very loudly!
One hand clapping
"One is too many, a million is not enough."
....Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Applied internal memory is wisdom.
Try this one Squirrel,

Memory is wisdom, wisdom is memory, both come from folly and learning by failing or not.

Step back into what you remember and learn from it to learn how to go forth.

Close, Squirrel, but not quite. Your interpretation does not properly split up the unasociated trains of thought.
Not meaning to be rude, I have some suggestions for the previous posting: "you're" not "your"; "memory" not "memmory"; no comma before "which"; and "go forth" not "go fourth".


So your saying wisdom is folly, which is memmory only when you step back and go fourth, which is the same as forethought which is simply postthought?
-Confused Squirrel
Postthought can be fun also!
or is it simply memmory?
Isn't memmory wisdom? Then is Wisdom also postthought?

Step back to go forth!

without forethought..there is only folly!
without folly there is no wisdom!
without wisdom there is no forethought!
i only meant "life as experience" as an expression of the intanglible eliment or multiplicity of the word "experience"...I sought definition,which was need to answer a question that included an "only" o"or" thingie. But yes, an all encompassing word eence might just do the trick--live for now--but ensure all your "nows" are fruitfull and take place within the realms under your own influence by will or choice.
Sorry, I did not sign my name to my question (Do you define life as only what you experience) I'm Cosbian. I did not however post, "I just don't even think..."

Yes, to Theophilus. I meant experience in the present sense. As in "enjoying the moment", "Life is now." I guess the confusing thing is that people tend to use "experience" in past tense - "she has experience", "it has been my experience"

What I meant was the present tense. But, I think life is more than present tense. I agree that there is a time to "look up" and we should do this more than we do, but it is very important to plan for the future and draw from the past so that when we look up tomorrow it looks better. Just remember that today was our tomorrow.

Or am I wrong and we should live for today?


"experience is only like making a notch on the road every once and a while on a trip----you can count the notches as an expression of your walk, but you will not understand the beauty of the walk until you look up! experience is external? or internal?
if you mean experience as-"stuff that happens"???
maybe my donkey will tell you
"I an the King of the ECHO PEOPLE!"
I just don't even think. It hurts.
Life is more than one experiences, Imho, though some people differ. Whether you believe what you experience in life is all that it is, is mainly a matter of of religous preference, I think.
How about you?
Do you define life as only what you experience?
Personally, the stuff called "life" is pretty fun. It's too short though.
What's your favorite stuff?

There was stuff, and there will be stuff, and right now there is stuff, so enjoy it!