Monty Python comes to mind. And the man with the piano.

-- The Letter D

The edge. The pinnacle, the vortex at which there is a crossroads. You can turn back at any time... But do you really want to? Curiousity killed the cat.
A complete and utter lack of existance, I expect.
You are supposed to... uhh...
I can't figure that game out, how do you play it!?
I think its round, so one edge. By the way, does anyone still play gorgolon?
how many edges are there to this universe?
Now love is found, space is found.
Time grasps your hand leads you to the other edge...
but,,lost in time ,,lost in space,,maybe lost in love??
is this the edge of MY universum??..guess I'm lost ..
escape might be easier if it weren't for all the raining styrofoam. in the distance, a big truck that has pulled over to get out of the storm. now that I'm closer, I see there are frisbees behind each wheel. I take one and start playing with it, until a big burly truckdriver appears and starts growling. I guess the frisbees were there to stop the truck from rolling backwards...
If anybody wants me I'll be space walking on the other side of the universe
It's itchy, too... especially if it gets inside your bathing suit.
Sand is hot.
In a semi-delirious, fever state, i stumbled across this den... perhaps it is the edge of the universe...if we all believe it to be, it could happen

unholy, dirty and beautiful,

pressing his hands on the edge of nothingness he never-the-less appears to be on the invisible edge of somthingness
Naked Life
What does a mime look like at the edge of the universe?
Prove yourself with description - fear not - lay it on us!


I am Princess Universe. Is this my domain?

I wonder if since entropy is something that tends to increase over time, if you were going backwards in time, would entropy decrease?
Once I wrote a story about a guy who fell in love with some antimatter girl (who lived in the universe time-symmetrical to this one) and blew himself up to consummate their relationship.

You can find it
here. It's called "A Glorious Display of Photons" and unfortunately I was in a hurry and yet unwise in the ways of Linus, so it's only in doc format.

Difference is that the "edge of the universe" is something we cannot concieveably get close to. We'd be lucky enough to get to the things that we can see.
Some people think that if you get to the edge of the universe, you'll just come back to where you started.
I forsee "Mars conservation" where a group of activists try to preserve parts of Mars' 'natural' landscape, ie no colonists or life.
I wonder if people think of the "edge of the universe" the same way that people thought of the "edge of the world" a couple hundred years ago...
Maybe if we go too far, we'll fall off?
Where did the people go, instead of falling off of the world?
Where would we go if we scooted out of the universe?

Would we just find a new place and exploit it, too?

the password is very scary not sad ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
the checkers marks the spot so beware.
Hmmmm....."Random Humans".Interesting juxtaposition of words.I like it....I think.
Most of the internet often makes me sad for the same reason.
The tower of babel often makes me feel sad. Just like a bunch of ramdom humans crying out.
I used to, until I found the dens. I find that the dens are much more intellectually stimulating.
anyone here play the tower of babel?
skull castle
Password: skull.
never mind the thing was removed. you won't be transported anymore.


I am the dragon of enternal wierdness! I have a theory that earthquakes happen because our planet bounces around the universe and the reason we have global warming is because our universe is on a stick being tosted because it is a marshmallo being toasted at some strange campfire of the gods so eventually we will be fully toasted and will be digested. So we must escape this marshmallo and stop those gods. And maybe join them.
Hi, I am new. When I was six, I had a dream that was mezmorizing and remains clear in my mind 28 venturesome years later. I dreamed that I was actually a hibernating bear and that what I precieved as my life was only the long imaginative dream of a resting bear.When I awoke???? I had awaken.It's nice to be home..." I feel just as cozy as a hibernating bear curled up in her den, for a long winters rest."
Ressurect an old freind eh?Hmmmm....sounds interesting.Like.....ummmm....Sun Ra in "Space is the Place"....or am I off base?
That is why I am here again, reliving the past
I was returned to ressurect an old friend, it didn't work this time.
No no no......geez kozmik kittens, how often must I remind you all!

You see, the "Edge" of the universe is it's CENTRE.And there you will find a vibating eye-egg, with an infinite number or irisis/corneas, which peer outward to all creation.

If one is astute, clever, loving, and VERY WELL versed in the arcane sciences, one may....just MAY, cross a glance, offhand, with the eye.

Then you leave this place......and become a new one (ie place n' time) unto it/your s e l f !!!!!

Steverz may be Great, but do you know of the Ben Kopesh? It is said, that when the Earth falls to termoil, the Ben Kopesh shall return!

Hey, this isn't Dr. Oogle's realm. Look at the very very beginning of this den, waaaaay back! Steverz the Great Owns this place. I am Steverz the Great. Now known as SmS
the edge of the universe. all who have entered the secret passage know about dr. oogles and know about his plan. Some... like me have found dr.oogles. THIS IS HIS REALM! Yes the edge of the universe is the place where the guru cave is and dr.oogles is here WE MUST KILL HIM! HIS MERE PRESENCE IN THE REALM AND HOW HE IS NEAR ALL OTHER DENS MAKES US BLIND TO THE FACT THAT DAN ZEN HIMSELF IS VERY LIKELY TO BE DR.OOGLES!
Even to that, there is something much higher, of which I am now venturing toward.

Chaos Zen

My personal guide to self-sanctity is through deep meditation. Just sit back, relax, try to think of nothing for awile then just let your mind go!! It can be rather frustrating at times though, but with practice you may be able to reach those higher levels.
I wish you the same fortunes I have found through such experience.

Chaos Zen

I'd like to someday reach those places beyond the universe but for now, it's just sort of confussion. 565 seems to be helping me greatly though, he understands my confussion and lives it himself.


Even speaking of emotions being beyond the physical ideology of the universe, I believe there may be new levels.

Chaos Zen

Could the edge of our Universe simple lead to a greater place? Kind of like galaxies are seperate and yet make up the universe. So what I am wondering is there a 'super space' that contains many universes?? Thoughts anyone?
(sorry to stray off topic)
TYme Bomb
Thank you sir Zen, that was very touching. And confusing. Something I've been waiting for someone to type for a while. I do not hate you for anything, be it jealousy or nature.
I have ventured beyond the limits of the universe, and I assure it is no distance, or science, it cannot be seen, with even unimaginable telescopes.
It is an emotion, or rather a beyondness of the most extreem and intense emotion, a new level of being.
I left my home, my body, the Earth 2 days ago, and only visit in some of my waking hours to see my old home and carry on the redundant life tasks of once being human.

It was in a momment of true ecstasy, shared, that my heart did stop beating for just a momment, and in that instance of eternity, I was split into man and god.
Hate me for my human words if it is your hearts true will, or hate me in jealousy if it is your passion, but that will not waiver my newfound love of all things and all persons.

Chaos Zen

Unlikely, I was once an all consuming love and understanding, unconditionaly and to all. Not much was returned by human or nature, until all that was left is what I am now.

Not to be loved,
Not to be understood,

the thoughts of all come together and the world tries to define itself, without ever seeing the unity that everyone shares. "i need a fix, 'cause im going down..." When we don't value the things we do to ourselfs, the things dont value us. Only by understanding and loving the world, will we ever be understood and loved.
-§ister Awake
I am not to be understood, your contempt for me, is your own will, and through such, I bring you great joy. By pointing out the negativity in all lives, you become aware of it's presence, and thus counter by aknowledging that which you see as positive.
I am on a downward swing of the Chaos ballance, after 3 years of pleasantry and peacefull disposition. There is so much denied darkness to surface, almost overwhelming. The straw of love, unbearable in gravity, the switch has been flipped.

I am 565

i have to do everything by myself
here's a theory:
what if god really does exist, but only to those who beleive in him? not just "God", the God of the christians (and jews i beleive, just without the whole jesus thing... i'm not very educated in jewish beleifs, forgive me if i'm spreading false rumors) but any god. if you beleive in more then one god, he's real... to you....
after you die, your mind lives on (seperate from your brain, your brain decays and dies off, it's just a vessle for your mind to think and learn through, but highly unneccesary. your mind is the energy that is you... a SOUL so to speak (Stuff Of Unending Life))
that energy that we'll call the SOUL lives on to fufill whatever it beleives. it designs it's own world. if you beleive we all go to hell, your mind will create that hell. not neccessarily what i may think of as hell... the way you picture it. if you beleive you become an angel you do. if you beleive you become a ghost, so be it, you are. energy can cause things to move. you could be a poltergeist. you might even get reincarnated (probly just in your mind's own made-up world though... i may be wrong, it's a theory) if you beleive that when your dead, you're dead, gone, buh bye, then your mind remains potential energy... or goes to be energy for something else? (either way, your mind is unconsius) (maybe that's what suns are? dead people who beleive in nothing after death?)
these SOULs can interact with one another too. there may be many heavens, which is really a network of SOULs and the same with hell. this would leave SOULs open for variations on their image of heaven/hell.
as for near death experiances, people live, but their SOUL may go beyond... temporary or perminent... those who become phsycic (after NDE or due to sumin else) still have their SOULs but are seperate from them... so they can send the SOUL to interact with others, use other minds as a vessel to find out information, search places, ect. (that theory kills 2 birds with one stone... what happens in the afterlife and how people can be phsycic)
you seem trapped in the maze..cauzing fright and rejection of it. play the game,you might as well
as the only true way to escape lies not at the "end" but WITHIN the game. If you see life as "bad" then conclude that you enjoy the opposite wich is "bad" then shouldn't you enjoy life after all --this BAD thing...makes me think you do have hope(due to a logical slip...called the oscar the grouch slip...remember everything ugly was beutifull to him and everything good was bad?...well if he really was into "bad" things he would have been digging those things eveeryone else thought was "good"! Showing that the distinction and recognition still lay underneath his playacting!..(see.marylin manson)

Not to mention that Life is the gravest of all carcinogens, the most deadly disease of all. Catching it garentees fatality, and there is no cure, only an end.
All things lead toward their end.


How very depressing!!!
All is nothing, but dreams are meaningless imagry to promote dispair and false hopes. Nothing realy matters, and all that is thought to mean anything always brings the opposite.

For example, you all know what love is, right?
But what does it always lead to? (pain, heartbreak, sorrow...)
How about life, does it bring joy and happiness? (Did you forget that life leads to death, and loss?)
All light eventualy fades to blind darkness and all that is dark is eventualy seen through, so does anything realy mean anything at all?
Everything is nothing.


hmmm... no more interesting theories?

hi my name is ca and i am a boy and u can go to sleep

What if if life was just a dream and we really were just sleeping our whole life and we really never did go anywhere or do anything???
What if if life was just a dream and we really were just sleeping our whole life and we really never did go anywhere or do anything???
What if something was nothing? Whatever. Whoever is reading this, I am just wondering.


If there was a way to walk upside down in antarctica, what would happen to the penguins? would they fall off???
Hi there,

That was an interesting message you have there!

Better take a picture, who knows what it would be worth to their decendants who are alive now!
there were still reaches of the galaxy so far that light was still bringing them to us
In the 7th second of eternity...
yeah oddly enough M.Moorcock had alot to do with Hawkwinds' Warrior@the Edge of Time.....
"Warrior at the Edge of Time"by HAWKWIND
"In Search of Space" HAWKWIND
2 VERY Interesting SCI-FI or (HIGH-SCI-FI!)
Time Storm by Gordon R. Dickson
Edge of Eternity Isaac Asimov

Two interesting Time sci-fi books.

Time is rather odd, it doesn't realy exsist, yet we create it by forming a means to measure something intangible. A chronograph does not measure time, but rather linear continuity of events. Who's to say we aren't measuring in the wrong direction to begin with?
Maybe we could reverse time... we'd never realise, of course, because it's like going forward in time (what we're already doing) our sence of time is based on the time itself... Time always seems to go at regular pace... and we'd only be able to do what we've already done, so time would keep reversing for eternity.
Based on the almost garentee of human err, if going back in time were possible, we'd already know by now.

One scary thought:
There are actualy terrorist groups in the scientific comunity willing to give their lives to prevent credible time travel/alteration experiments based on the theory that such distortions would shatter/blow up, destroy or whatever, almost everything concievable. Just think of what a single atom can do as was the case in Hiroshima. Now imagine that on a larger scale, caused by stressing time itself in such a manner. What happens to the mass within a split atom? Whyat would happen if the universe were like an atom, and encompassed in time itself. What would happen if time were split like an atom? What would happen to that which exsists within?

There is nearly no feasable conception of something so insignificant as humankind being able to self-destruct a greater whole such as this, so I will simply self contradict now...

Speaking of time, let's get to my theory on time. It's not possible. We're already moving through time. If we go to the future, it's like driving a car the speed of light. We are already going the maximum speed, and we can't go any faster. As for going backwords, that would cause alotta hell, coz we can't drive this "car" forwards and backwords at the same time. And even if we could, we wouldn't be able to correct our wrongs, because everything we do when travling to the past has already been done. Further more, if we could travel into the past, we've already established that it'd be impossible to go back to the future.
We realize we can't go forword or backwords in time. We might on the other hand, be able to slow or speed time up. Not that we would notice. This new speed would become natural immediatly. But say... for instance we could speed/slow time within a certain area, and have the rest going normal? (That happened on Batman once.)


The universe is YOU.

Someone's suggested flatland to me before...
Anyways, another definition for dimension could be the directions we can move. Our basic ones are Front-back and left-right. If we lived in water or 0-g, we'd also have up-down. There's also time.
This is Cosbian speaking. Come in. The theory that what we think of as our universe may have been created by pieces or a piece of other universes was only meant to point out that we may be trying to figure out how our universe started from nothing when indeed it could have started from something else. Then we would have to look somewhere else - outside our universe to figure out where it all came from.

I agree that the word universe should really mean everything (except what the universe expands into). Thus the theory simple stated is: what we think of as the universe is a sub-universe that was made from a part or parts of other subuniverses.

As to the question of where all the energy came from. If there is enough energy to make the universe as we know it then why would there not be more energy than that?

Here you are sitting on a molecule saying "we are all there is". Or on the earth saying "we are it". Same deal with the "universe". I don't actually believe this though. I think modern science has figured that we did come from nothing instantly - they have it figured to a fraction of a second after - and it all came from one place.

By the way, in terms of dimensions as a place, we are living in a "dimension". And if there are other dimensions then we would be another dimension to that dimension. Dimensions are usually thought of as being in the same space but separated by chance or time or some such thing. For instance, as I write this I could type any number of things. Each one happens in its own dimension. If you are true to this concept then we spawn off dimensions constantly right down to thoughts, molecular action, etc. This makes the theory a bit ridiculous as far as I'm concerned.

Time would be just hopping from one dimension to the next. All time happens in the same place - just different dimensions. All the dimensions are neatly sorted so we don't notice. I don't believe in this either.

Then there are measurement-type dimensions like a point 0-D, line 1-D, plane-2D, space-3D, etc. Read flatland to really experience this.

Ready for another theory? I think that the universe is "round". I put round in ""'s because I don't really think it's actully shaped like a ball. It's more like that Asteroids game, where you fly past the edge of the screen and come back on the other side. So hypotheticly, you could ride a spaceship in a straight line off USA (in the "up" direction, from where you'd be standing in the USA) and (saying this is a VERY fast spaceship) arrive a while later on China, without one change in direction the whole trip. It goes like this in all directions. So technicly, the universe wouldn't go on forever. Just VERY big. Making it easier to imagine. Also we could eventually map it as a cube or spehere, knowing when you get to one of the map, you'd arrive on the other. Just make sure we don't have half a planet on one side of the map and the other half on the other side.
It isn't realy in anything, since it is a general term for encompasing all. Think of it like a big trash bag and everything is in the trash!
Everyone says the universe is EVerything. Then what does it expand in?
Everyone says the universe is EVerything. Then what does it expand in?
Where did matter come from? Where did life come from?
Simple, the answer is 42!
Seriously, it's all math.
The selection of our Earth for habitation comes from a simple mathematical probability based on algorithm, statistical analysis and fractal randomalities. In Chaos science, it is known as the creation of something from nothing. It is how fractals were used by random forces in the design of Oak leaves and Fjords.
I have not yet determined the probobility or odds of selection between symetry and non symetrical design, but seems a little less than 50% in the case of semitry as is present in lifeforms where the external apearance apears nearly semetrical yet internal organs are somewhat jumbled.

The gathering off masses to form objects is simply based on each atom having a specific gravity, thus attracting to one another.

Chaos Zen

Wow, I made a name and an abreiviation for the SU's (planning to use them somewhere in my last entry) and didn't mention it again. Makes me wondered why I wasted the time? Probly for future reference =]

Wow, I made a name and an abreiviation for the SU's (planning to use them somewhere in my last entry) and didn't mention it again. Makes me wondered why I wasted the time? Probly for future reference =]

I read your theory from your fist archive of Science Fiction den. Very interesting theory. But then you have to ask, where did all that energy come from? You could keep asking questions like that infinatly.
Now, for instance, let's say all these "universes" aren't really seperate... there's only ONE universe, which includes all this nothingness which seperates what we classify as universes. Let's call these "subuniverses" or SU's for short. Remember, no matter how vast you get, there is never another universe, because it's all one. So where'd all this nothingness come from? (That question is hard to explain what I'm asking) Further more, where did all this matter and energy come from? And how did that energy and matter just happen to form a planet just right for life, from all the other possibilities. It's like winning a lottery, with 20 times as many ppl on earth playing, and they weren't even planning to choose a winning ticket. And how did that planet happen to form real life? What made the atoms form into molecules into cells, into plants, into insects, into fish, into early dinosaures, into birds and tiny mammles, into more birds and finally, humans?
And as for the mind bridge... no... and, um, no. The universes within one's own mind can be traveled through freely. The bridge I'm talking about more resembles that hyper-gate thingy from Lost in Space (better movie than I would've thought, but very innaccurate. Time travle is possible, but VERY difficult, even by the most advanced species. If you want a full explination, e-mail me at
Dimensions are a totally different thing. There is no "door" or "pit" you can use to get to other dimensions. There are gateways, and dimensions can be used to get to other universes, but dimensions are not an actual place, where planets and people can live. Universes on the other hand are vast areas of outer space, where many particles of energy/mass exist naturaly. All the laws of physics and nature exist in universes, unlike dimensions. Dimensions also rarly have matter/energy existing within NATURALLY. And when there is, the matter/engergy can be unpredictable, changing from one to the other and whatnot. That's why they need inter-dimensional stablizers as they travel through dimensions
Hmm.. It seems like people can confuse Universes With Dimensions...
Is that a mental bridge. We all have many universes in our heads. What we imagine has to take some physical form.
*Sigh* Silly people. What's on the other side of the universe? Nothingness! What else! That is, untill you manage to get across this vast pit of infinate nothing, then you reach another universe. This of course, can only be done with space ships not yet known to man. But being owner of the edge of the universe, i have talked to many throughout our universe, and traveled to others. I am working on a bridge that can be used to cross the nothingness.
When you talk about the THE in the universe it reminded me of my theory I stated in the first archive of the Den of Science Fiction
woof! woof!
'ThThe edge of the universe is where you can talk to to every human that ever lived, and also to every animal. But the animals only make animal noises, but the humans actually talk.
It all depends on the emphasis you put on the "THE" when you say The Unviverse.
Tell me: If the universe does in fact have an edge, then what is on the other side?
no button if pressed can be wrong!!
with the exception of my belly button!
for then i might truly puke!!!
no button if pressed can be wrong!!
with the exception of my belly button!
for then i might truly puke!!!
All bow down to Steverz the Great, ruler of the edge of the universe. For questions about it, e-mail

Be wary. One false move, one wrong press of a button, could rip the universe and all existing within it. This is the one and only true place where that is really possible.