Danzen Forte
Is psyche out a psychedelic thing or a psychology thing?
that which mimics the "psychedelic" or that which appears to be of psychedelic inspiration or nature but perhaps is not, in actuality.

Mel-psychedelia is/could be the expression of (or man's grasping at, perhaps unknowingly) God in his ultimate role, the experience of the whole, a glimpse at the cosmic grandeur that he set in motion and matter.
!! SmiLey HaPPy HiPPieS !!
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-shadow (on that last note )
euphoric,hallucination inducing psycedelia
Psychedelica - the overall genre title?

Psychedelia - that which is psychedelic

Psychedelic - mind expanding

hello, welcome to the haze of a tea house i am you're hostess shadow.
don't get me wrong but there's nothing wrong with a joint or 2 of marij but synthetics are bad 4 u
I used to think drugs and alcohol could make fun things twice as fun. Truth is, life is a high that compares to nothing.
It's hard to see that, but it's true. Drugs offer nothing but the feeling of need for more.
It sounds corny, but God is the only thing you'll ever find complete satisfaction in.
"Those kinds of experiences" was the point - not the exact experiences. Everybody'e experiences will be different although similar I expect.

To experience without drugs what I experience or strive to experience with drugs, you can try to think with first principles. Act like you are seeing everything for the first time. Feel good, feel love, feel amazed.


how? how can i have the experience without the drugs?
i wish i was 5 agian- playing pretend and fully believing in it. when i was younger i thought that the past only existed in black and white- that only the present was in color. i sincerely believed this, because all of the pictures i had seen of my parents when they were children were in black and white. getting back into the debate of LSD, i think that it is a very spiritual experience, and that is what leary was talking about- the experience. but there are certanly people who have those kinds of experiences without the drugs...
I'm just joinging this conversation... My answer is "yes" to the drugs - unless you time travel to being 5 and take certain "grown-up" features like your present analytical skills with you. I really don't think you can fully experience psychedelia without trying LSD.

Cluug Moins

im inclined to quote timothy leary "tune in, turn on, drop out." the whole concept of taking a mind expanding experience and incorporating its lessons into your everyday life seems to be the base of this idea- but is it nessesary to take acid or other strong drugs to induce this mind expanding experience?
sure! what would it include?

depends what your definition of it is. Perhaps it is attainable through your own inner exploration. im interested in begining a journey into the depths of inner phycedelia... would you care to join?

The guru is apparently out to lunch, so maybe one of you groovy guys and gals can answer my question:

Does one need to take mind expanding drugs to experience psychedelia?

mmm. very interesting


We're looking for the "hottest" psychedelic site on the web so we can try and get them to take a Hip Cat Scene. Any URL's you guys know of?


Naked Lunch...
Yes, read, watched the movie rendition, and understood it...
(Reading the W.S.B. Bio helps tremendously)

Chaos Zen

What's at the psychedelic shack?
What's the URL? I'd have a good guess but others might not.
PSYCHEDELIC SHACK! That's where it's at!
Heather Graham was very groovy in Austin Powers. That's the kind of go-go girl I'm looking for, but today's little chicas don't seem to want promiscuous sex. I probably wouldn't have a chance, anyways-- I'm no International Man of Mystery...

Has anyone noticed the alternate endings and extra scenes after the credits on the first Austin Powers film? The one with Cheri Oteri (from SNL) as a flight attendant was very funny. They should have kept that scene.


if a tree falls in the forest does it make the sound of one hand clapping?
why'd the tree fall anyway, if nothing was around to hear it?
Naked Lunch. my forte in a pretty package, eh?
addiction to control. all of it, addiction to control.
and chopped up phrases, thalia, chopped up phrases.
Never read that particular WSB treatise.Worked my way (happily) through The Ticket that Exploded, Nova Express, Soft Boys, and the interview compendiums The Job and ReSearch-WSB and Brion Gysin.......wild stuff I tells ya!
Has anyone read Naked Lunch? If so, do you understand it?
Anyone ever heard of the book, "The Prehistory of Psychedelia"....great stuff!!!I only got to flip through a few pages once, some time ago....but 'twas truly a 'trip'.
You guys should check out the psychedelic "history" at Hip Cats.

I'm a bit of a purist but certainly psychedelia did not end in 1969 - perhaps that was when the "mainstream" stopped doing it - I have been doing psychedelia for a number of years.


I just hope all involved remember......"Psychedelia" is a concept, or rather, series of concepts.It is both a school of thought that begets creative out put (Be it [usuallly] music, or film, or performance art, or painting etc); and an experiential-methodological field.A vast and varried field, indeed.

Wasn't even born till 70, but still I was there, in more ways than one...

Come fly away with my
To a distant land
On the beach of distant shores
Naked on the sand

Indole ring

/\ /\
| |__| The best thing about biology is the
\/ jargon. Take "phenotypic plasticity"
as an example. Or "9mers"
There's alot of.....er, dare i say....Psyche ("Sike"?) purists out there, many different "Stripes" represented, but still.....prurists.Am I in the company of purists (eg "Nothing after 69" people) and strict-contrarians.....I mean, I can diggit w/anyone, but.....just curious as to my company here!

I am already in the air! What's the best song about air that you know? I can think of a glam song and a bubble gum song...


I am going int the air.

where am I?
Crazy plastic crying...picking pins from long shining rows. Rows and rows of empty tunnels going down to the beginning the day for stardrop spirals and red torn crying.
Heather Graham? What did you think of her as Felicity Shagwell?


Heather: Hi ,
Be aware.
Om Shanti
Welcome Blimp Racers from Hippie Skies... Have a read of the Archives...
I have felt a true and total ecstasy, of course I've been driven mad, and human would have been.
This isn't real, it is just a little piece of me lingering in the world I had left behind when invited to lay umong the gods.
Breath in the plastic fantastic world, and experience the night. suburbia, chemicals, and color tv, We have all went crazy.
Been there...
Paraphenalia or other stimulus targeted to stimulate the psyche or alter the usual actions of the senses.
That would be a difficult comparison, since I wasn't born until 1970, and didn't do much partying then. The Kentuckiana Magazines parties died out with the birth of the internet and multi-user IRC's in the bid 80's.
Are there more of those parties or less of them going on now. What would you say the average party is like now. Compare this to what the average party was like in the late 60's early 70's.
I have, when I was younger, about 17 or 18, there was a once a month party for a Computer Bulletin Board called "Kentuckiana Magazines", which would last from Friday afternoon, untill people had to get ready for work on Monday morning. Often, those who were not in school and had other means of income would be rumored to last nearly a week. We'd just pass-out wherever convenient, and wake up to fresh glasses thanks to Brads new automatic dishwasher. (At least I hope they were fresh, by then most would be too drunk to know how to operate the thing). It wans't too uncommon to find people "making out" in the strangest of places, including other peoples cars, closets, even the bathtub...


They may come back if they can find their way down the long dark twisty paths. It's best just to stay here and never leave. Has anyone been to a party where they just stayed there for days?


Do you think people will really come back here?

I burn incense on my dashboard while I drive and have a blacklight in the overhead, but the cops didn't like the strobe lights or 8 inch Disco ball and lasers so I had to take them out.
I lIvE hErE!!! iN tHe BaY aReA.
I was in San Fran dressed as a guru at the Macromedia conference when Shockwave was unveiled. And you?


Have you ever been to California?
that's probably where we get "um" from when we are thinking - ommm
Write down your fave expressions of psychedelia in the desert island den!
then we will have dialogue!--yes dialogue!
That is what we came for!!!dont forget to come back!

This Den is a candle-lit cavern with hot springs burbling at one end and a few caves and fissures here and there.

We can hang out and talk about psychedelic things. If you want to find a secret Den I believe there are some really exciting ones through that fissure. I remember climbing a path and coming out in a cave on a cliff overlooking the Great Wall. There was a Guru there at one point.

To get this cave den you will have to see the establishment. You may be surprised - it could be available.