great game
arrows are keyboard arrows...
hahaha great!
I'm now an evil ninja.
How did you get into my library?
where are the arrows?
189 Puffs station 19!
I caught 13 cons!


183 puffs - station 19 Ganzu on ChooFoo.
ChuFoo is just up and down arrows - once you get used to it it is quite easy - one thing to note is that it takes two quick ups to get up from lying and if you do three ups from standing you last longer in the air than if you just do two ups.

Branching in InfiZoom is indeed a good idea and is planned for a future site called as the feature was programmed as an object that will handle any and all pictures within pictures automatically including branching! The multiple circuits in the orb was a test of this although they all went to the same place ;-)

For KiteKilt - it is a bit more of an amusement. You can control the kite with about similar success to controlling a real kite. If you tug or walk so that you pull the kite (to the right getting bigger) then you will accelerate the kites movement in the direction that the kite is pointing. And you will slow it down if you go the opposite way. One test of how well you can do this is to try and make the kite come down. I can usually do this fairly quickly but it is not always that easy.

Sorry for touchpad difficulties.


Notationes are DeliverD by the straying mind. Moto has its promises, but for the user of the touch paD, many games become strenous, if not a high annoyance. Capturing Cons is beyonD this minD's ability through straining motions of finger across minature touch tile.

Choo. Pleasing idea. Difficult controll compatibility.

Fiddled with other two, but cannot remember first impressions at the moment.

-- The LEtter D

Went to 33 on Infizoom this time, but then it seemed to freeze again... weird


It seems Infizoom would only go as deep as 15 (maybe one or two more, my memory is not the greatest), then it refuses to go any further. It is very interesting, I like it.

The only thing that could possibly make it any better, would be if there were a way to take different paths, so there would be more to go back and look for.

Tried Kilt, but became a little bored after about 30 minutes.

I was not very successful at accomplishing anything in Choo.

I did enjoy capturing Cons, I was able to catch 13 at lvl 15, before becomming too anxious to see the next game.

Chaos Zen

158 puffs! g.g.
Well if you zoom in you can zoom out but starting infizoom is the farthest out you can get!


I wonder what would happen if you zoomed out on the Infni Loop?
154 Puffs is my highscore - anybody beat that?
Wow, cool sounds Dan Zen! Like Choo Fu and got to station 13. Caught 10 Cons and flew the kilt for some time. Went 8 levels in Infi Loop.


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