Well, if you can hay, I can hoy...


I've taken to consideration the use of a live boa (constrictor) around the neck. Sporting is devine, as is keeping quite live. Notations fiddled with and swallowed to fill the rat.

Rat.. Good lord, my friends are being turned into rats again. Someone pass word of a serum lest Bob the Boa finds himself hungry?

-- The Letter D

{picks up note} Hey, wait a minute, that's where notes are supposed to be dropped! Now you've made me disturb the order of the notes in the drop-box!

Too bad I use afro-red detectors and you are caught. Now you must pick up the note you dropped or be charged with digital litter.


I'm not here, I dropped this note quite a while ago. Notice there are no fresh foot prints, infra-red would reveal that any possible trails are now too cold to detect.
ne won dere?
ne won wanna battle holla
Oh, that was the one for $749,556 was it? Sure, you can just mail that to the grounds keeper's yacht and they'll bring it out the island.

The addresses are working - I had the NAFTSO put a filter on some addresses to avoid pipeline overload. Now that I'm retired, I'll have the collateral documents removed from the Swiss vault.

All the best and be warned that all surveillance cameras are keyed to report any charades imitating my trademarked gestures.



No luck in contacting you - you're various email addresses don't work: garden@danzen.com, contact@hipcats.com...... anyway, I have your paystub. do you want to pick it up or shall I mail it out?

Call me,

are you god

A bathysphere????????
oof! I'm penguin-struck. i'd swim after, but it's awfully cold and dark, and i'm afraid of seals. where's a bathysphere when you need one?
er.... no.... of course it wasn't me.... yeah, that's the ticket.
Was that YOU!? Please tell me it wasn't you. I was hoping it was Buddy.

What? Do you mean that pinch on your bottom?
Talking to people we don't know in dark rooms is so exciting. Did you feel that?
And if too many cooks spoil the pot, how can two heads be better than one? I sure wouldn't want another head, even if I DO need one!

yo peeps i wrote that practice thing ya all can call me gah dat an't my name tho
If practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect why do practice?????

Well, BLAH,BLAH,BBBLLLAAAA to you too! ;)
did i make a boo-boo?
uh oh... where did all the words go?
My day old burrough-toe could have told my cruchy cakes that!

By the way, I have come to a conclusion THAT~
It is not just the lives of those who are said to have accomplished great things, but the life of EVERY idivual that ulltimately changes the world forever.
Pretty significant now, AREN'T you!? ;)
Yes, and same goes with being a Volossa Raptor.-I was a mitten-bearing Volossa Raptor all day today.
Just a thought: Being nuts is better than not being at all. Ne?
LOL, that's really cute. You are so kind. Please, have some tea.

Youare very welcome!!!!!!!

Oh, i am sorry, I forgot, but, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!
I am s o amazed, and all with your help! How can I ever repay you? Maybe you could join Buddy and i for tea? Lemon-drop tea with sneakers and old socks boiled in the pot. Then, you must play volley-ball with us, ony we use a humped backed turtle, because we have no ball. Sigh, the things we could do. :)
Um, I am afraid of my being a failure at this, but I wish to give it a try. Here i go...
p.s. the 0s are zeros.
There are explainations in the snake and red dens, but they only show how to make red and lime green. Just because I love everyone so much, I'll list some of the most comonly used color codes:

aqua= "#00ffff"
black= "#000000"
blue= "#0000ff"
magenta= "#ff00ff"
gray= "#808080"
green= "#008000"
lime= "#00ff00"
maroon= "#800000"
navy= "#000080"
olive= "#808000"
purple= "#800080"
red= "#ff0000"
silver= "#c0c0c0"
teal= "#008080"
white= "#ffffff"
yellow= "#ffff00"

please don't try it without reading the instructions in the other dens first.

Um, how do you change the font color?
Yes, my mom IS older than me.
Yuck!-I don't like pasta.
What I do like is that in Lalaland you can eat whatever you want.
Snails today, tails tomorrow.
Nectar from bright, red oranges.
Green globby gunk that tastes of sweet sour cream.
Yummy, what a feast.
So? So what what what what what!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Go eat PASTA!!!!


Um, christmas is over.






Except for the side effects, Buddy is doing fine. He has a toe like form growing on the backside of his neck, but he is back to sipping his tea, so He must be alright.
Perhaps I will step into another den sometime, but not Buddy. He is like one of those halographic people on Star Trek; he can't come out of Lalaland.
But, I will check in later, i am off to work. I work at a gas station down the road in North Pole, Alaska.-I'm not kidding about that one.-Look it up.
PS: I believe that there is another tea party in the Darkness den, if you would like to have some more tea... and if you two are hungry, maybe you should join me for sandwiches in the opiateden.
Oh, my goodness! Poor Buddy has been poisoned (by the lilac brow pencil, no doubt)!! Quick!!! You must find the following ingredients, before Buddy turns into a pack of Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum (tasty, but it is quite difficult to have any sort of interesting parties with gum, as you may know):

4 tablespoons of apple juice
8 kitty collars
12 beauty magazines from the late 1980s
7 bandanas each a different color (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet) [ahhh rainbows...]
6 musical carousels
At least 9.367 sleeping bags... we’ll have a big slumber party once Buddy is all right once again.

Put all the things listed above (except the sleeping bags, of course) in a big bowl and say "Poof!!!!!... It's mmmaaaaaaaaaaaagik!!!" Then toss it all out the nearest window (making sure to hit the most cartoon-like person walking down the street).

Give Buddy a big hug and say, “This is all an illusion. Let’s go eat some Eye Scream and pet adorable little puppy cats, and growl at the kitty dogs, and pick randy-dandy-candy lions and give them to our mommies.”

If that doesn’t work, just tickle Buddy with a feather duster until the poison is laughed out through the nostrils.





~~sing do~~


P.s. Did I mention I like your cup!? :)
The voice of hell has spoken! WAIT!-Be still, it is the angel, Thalia! She has come to rescue my dear friend, Buddy who has been drinking poisoned tea! Aaahhhh, back in Lalaland at last!
I'll drink tea with you two!

I'm having steamy-hot jasmine tea in a well worn cup that says "Let's Lambada!!!!" in 14 different languages.

Would you like some sugar or cream?


How sucky.-This can't be Lalaland.-It is three days later and Budyy and I are still haveing tea alone.
Or perhaps, just the only ones having tea.
It appears as though Buddy and I are the only ones in Lalaland.
I'm in Lalaland haveing tea with my friend, Buddy.
Maybe they say "sleep tight" because it ryhmes with "good night" and "don't let the bed bugs bite."

What are bed bugs, anyways? ... Or do I want to know?

I tried to sleep tight, but it made me too tense, I got no rest... Now I just say "Rest well".

Is "Sleep Tight" supposed to mean Sleep Well?

Shouldn't they say "Sleep Loose?"

the answer is the question itself.

Does someone know the answer to the great question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Mwhehehe.. has anyone seen the raptors? If ya do, RUN!

That bird has teeth. Birds don't have teeth. Why does that bird have teeth?
The teletubby baby is the ugliest baby I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!

dummy-dummy-dum-dum rat-a-tat-tat!!!!

Dont break a leg
Hello friends.. beware the Penguins... they strike at night...
i'm in lalaland...i'll be okay 2 hours later
Am I the only soul in here?
It's so dark in here
Oh my... Im in LaLa land.. How exciting
This is celestial. Wheres my angel?
Hey, is anyone outthere that knows what is going on here?

42, it depends.
la haha la
La la la lalala lala la la

is this a game?
where am i?

well i'm allergic to you!

i'm allergic to pollen. achoo!
um...i'm confused.
In a place with no ground, no sky, a limbo of floating words and ideas. Here they drift like pollen in the gentle breeze, only to settle on anouther flower which, in turn releases it's own pollen to the winds kind hand
where am i?


and spoons dont chop off your toes at night
i think this chatroom thingy is gay
Teletubbies are scary!! They warp your mind!! The use subliminal messages to make you part of their evil empire of world domination!!
I love teletubbies!!!
hi there everyone in la la land yippie

shut the hell up you fuckin slut
great green gobs of greasy grimey gopher guts
mutilated monkey's feet
little birdie dirty feet
great green gobbs of greasy grimey gopher guts and I forgot my spoon!
Hello This is orgasmic.
May a Leprichan stand in your eggnog!!
May your enimies smell like elder berries!!
May your huffersninckle tootcar your bambizeels!!
the earth is round.
the earth is big.
all the people
have room to dig.
walking on the ceilings, and kissing somebody's crotch!

Is this like a chat?!

And walk

Anyway,birds can hop!

when you dig you can't find worms just birds.
Clouds on the ground and dirt in the sky, birds that walk and horses that fly.

la la dove lips
Twice the smog anyway.
Is this 2 LA's put together? Twice the traffic!
That would be nice, but for now I'd settle for the usual shower in the rain.
I need a shower in a waterfall
Need more Teletubie Custard!
Now we are getting somewhere. If you fear hights then don't look up! you might fall.
The giggling cloud fell upon my face. I breathed warm fire and the cloud rose so I could lick the horizon cleansing its worrisome frown doubtlessly put there by a salesman of furry spandex that happened to cycle over from the fruit market oblivious to the bunch of grapes caught in his spokes which were obvious to Po hungry Dipsy who bent to taste the grape sauce and henceforth by replacing every food known to man with the addictive sauce became the first trillionaire and lived out her dream of being a lava godess by spending millions drilling deep shafts and building volcanoes upon which she rules with giggling clouds falling on her face...
Giggling makes me feel all funny inside
When I see clouds below me I worry about falling
when I look into the fire I get warm
What about Dipsy and Po?
Not quite sufficient for double "la".
Try more cafine!
Is this La? Just a question...
i here

you have fun now ya here